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gladiator_x Empty Abyss of the Internet, Hear Me Roar!

Posted: August 20, 2006 (10:25 AM)
I'm back ladies and gents. Turkey is a wonderful country but the keyboards there have done interesting thing to my typing. However, I hope to write a review of one of the following games, Shadow of the Colossus, Super Smash Bros Melee, or that Riff game I'm in love with. Any thoughts, world?

And also, did I miss any major developments in the gaming world? How is that Prey game?

janusUser: janus
Posted: August 20, 2006 (10:42 AM)
Prey wasn't very good at all. Most reviews gave it a 7 or 8, but I think asherdeus and Zigfried got it spot on with their scores of 3 and 4. The portal technology is used for monontonous puzzles, you can't die and there are about four enemies.

You should review Shadow of the Colossus. I'm still not sure whether I want to play it.

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