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ghostyghost Home of my thoughts and Opinions. For any sports related posts, I am a New England Patriot, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Blue Jays fan. Sorry for any bias. Oh, and In case you didn't guess I live in Canada.

Title: Finding the LOST Ones: Eggtown/The Constant
Posted: March 01, 2008 (04:38 PM)
Finding the LOST Ones – Eggtown and The Constant

Since I had spring break last week no column on a surprisingly decent Kate-centric episode, which a reveal that hit me like a freight train. Then we had this week, where they bashed over the head with tons of possibilities and one of the keys I think to how this whole Island operates, why it’s impossible to find, and that in the LOST realm your conscience can be in many different time zones (more on this and how severely complicated it makes the show later). If there’s one been one major theme this season so far it’s that everyone’s centric episode has a specific purpose and unlike last season, where only now episode 5 did we get he first interesting flashback (Eko – The Cost of Living), we’ve now had 5 interesting and revealing Flashbacks and Flashforwards. And with the writers only have 5 more flashes to write for this season (8 episodes are done) we can hopefully expect the same interesting quality.

My Name is Dr. Perjury, how are you today?
When the lawyer said “don’t fire me”, I knew we were seeing a fellow oceanic six. And so in walks Dr. Jack who promptly sits down and utterly lies under oath with out flinching or seeming to care at all. He claimed to have never met the Officer yet he killed him, He claimed Kate told him about the arrest when the Officer did, He said only 8 people survived the crash instead of 48, he said Kate saved 5 of them when she only stitiched Jack’s wound together, and then Kate went back to the save the other two before Kate cut him off. Now why on earth are they all lying so vehemently and in so many ways? What happened to everyone when they got off the Island and those who didn’t that everyone of the Oceanic Six is straight up living a lie, and whats the full story they are telling?

Here’s my best guess:

According to the six, Oceanic Fliht 815 took off from Sydney on September 22nd 2004. It crash landed in the middle of the south pacific with only 8 people surviving the initial crash. Kate had the least injuries and managed to pull the other five out of the plane before failing to save the other two. But these other two had to temporarily be alive to say something that the other 6 didn’t know before they died. Kate at the time was already 5-6 months pregnant and by the time they were rescued had already given berth to baby “Aaron”, with a father somewhere in Sydney that she can’t remember or find. Unlike the show I think the Oceanic Six aren’t rescued until closer to January on the “deserted Island”. Once rescued they are all offered a considerable amount of money and a story to sell (above) to the media, by Charles Widmore, still trying to hide the Island, and keep Penny or anyone else from finding it.

We’ve got to go back
Naturally we’ve already seen what living a lie does to Jack, and obviously the Island doesn’t blow up and everyone doesn’t get off, but what clicks in for Jack? What makes him tell Hurley they are never going back, then has him yelling at kate later that they need to go back. Furthermore, why doesn’t Jack see Aaron, his nephew. Does he know Aaron is his nephew? I presume Claire must meet some tragic fate on the Island then as otherwise she has no reason to give her away her baby especially after what Malkin told her in “Raised by another”. And why can’t Aaron watch tv? Something changed when they got off that Island, and unlike Desmond it wasn’t anything to do with time travel. That’s back to back episodes with Juxtaposition. Sayid said he would never work for Ben when we know he does in the future, and Kate won’t even pick up Aaron, yet in the future he is calling her mommy. They weren’t supposed to escape I mean look what happens to the four we know get off:

Kate – Living a lie, no longer on the run, raising a child, on probation for ten years, not with Jack or Sawyer, and eventually not even talking to Jack. The exact opposite of Island Kate.

Hurley – Seeing people that aren’t there, haunted by Ghost Charlie, back in the SRMI after on the Island vehemently denying being crazy, always seems sad and scared, and a sniper in basketball. The exact opposite of Island Hurley.

Sayid – Assassinating and using people for information while working for Benjamin Linus. After swearing on the Island to never torture again. The exact opposite of Island Sayid,

Jack – Lying on the stand when he got mad at his father for lying about surgery once, raging alcholic, addicted to painkillers, attempting suicide, wanting to go back to the Island, having no control seemingly over anything, and growing a ridiculous beard. The exact opposite of Island Jack.

Who knows, maybe the last two members (I’ve already put my money down as Jin and Sun) will come in a flash forward and blow my whole they become opposite theory to hell, but for now it works and I’m sticking to it. They weren’t supposed to get off the Island, they weren’t done there, and they will have to go back.

Time is all relative
So subtly in Eggtown we were hinted that Island time is off and not directly equal to that of off island time courtesy a bizarre experiment by Daniel Faraday. Then after that brief introduction they decided to smack us over the head with the Constant where Desmond actually travels through time and the fact that somehow Jack and Sayid have a conversation when they are an entire day apart. To Sayid it’s Christmas eve, yet he’s talking to Jack 40 miles away from him and it’s Christmas where Jack is. And both are mid-day. How on earth is that possible?

Out of place lines:
Just lines that stuck out to me has oddly worded:

“Kate tried to save the other two but ----“ – Jack on the Stand

“It’s going to happen to all of us when we return to that Island” – Minkowski implying they’ve been to the Island before
“I used to answer all the radio calls” – Minkowski even though his conscience was supposed to time jumping, how does he remember that detail?

Here’s where we go time theory crazy:
Sit down this going to sound absolutely insane for the next couple paragraphs.

What if in theory the plane crashing on the island changed the conscience state of Christian Shepherd to when he was alive, maybe when he in Sydney before he died, allowing him to be reborn. Then from “So it Begins” (mobisode 13) and “White Rabbit” (S1 E 05) we know he has seen Jack in the forest and depending where he was shot could easily have seen Jack and used him as his constant. This would allow him to be alive, with an empty coffin and allow Hurley to see him in the cabin.

Secondly, could the same thing be applied to Jacob or Ben the ultimate time shifters who have learned to control the mysterious Island properties and allow Ben to know much more then he should at all times. Could this allow Jacob to move his cabin and rebuild his broken lantern? Is this why Juliet was knocked out using a heavy dose of tranquilizer before getting on the submarine? And if leaving the Island has such a strong effect then how is Richard Alpert and Ethan leaving without any side effects? And how come Faraday said to follow a bearing of 305 degrees, but Ben gave Michael strict instructions to follow a bearing of 325 degrees to leave the Island? Assuming both work, why does the bearing matter?

Lastly, is the time –ectromagnetism-radiation slower time on the Island theory the reason why Richard hasn’t aged in the last give or take 20 years and has birthday problems. And just throwing it out there but is possible that this is what happened to Rousseau’s crew and the actual sickness they had?

I’m looking for a way to tie the Smoke Monster in with this theory, but I got nothing for that yet.

And finally
Hats off to the writers for already creating the best initial five episode story arch of any of the previous season. Despite the average eggtown, we’ve now had 4 outstanding episodes out of five. Heres a season by season comparison of the first five episodes. Counting the two part pilot as the first two episodes of season 1.

Season 1:
Pilot Part 1, Pilot Part 2, Tabula Rasa (Kate on the run), Walkabout (Locke wheel chair), and white rabbit (Jack’s daddy issues).
Rank: Second

Season 2:
Man of Science, Man of Faith (Jack saves Sarah enters hatch), Adrift (Michael loves Walt), Orientation (more hatch, Locke meets Helen), Everybody Hates Hugo (wins lottery friend steals Girlfriend), and “….And Found” (Jin meets Sun, Michael chases after Walt)
Rank: Third

Season 3:
A Tale of two cities (Jack has Sarah issues, intro the Hydra), The Glass Ballerina (Jin beats up Jae Lee sun kills Colleen), Further Instructions (Locke goes after Eko, gets caught in a dope operation), Every Man for Himself (more rock pushing, Sawyer cons his way out of jail), and The Cost of Living (Eko is killed by the monster, kills men as a priest).
Rank: Fourth

Season 4:
The End of the Beginning (Hurley back at SRMI, Splits camps), Confirmed Dead (Freighter crew stories and introductions), The Economist (Sayid an assassin, Locke taking captives), Eggtown (Kate on trail, tossed out of locke ville), and The Constant (time traveling)
Rank: first

Until next time, get LOST.
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Title: Finding The LOST Ones - The Economist
Posted: February 18, 2008 (01:31 PM)
Finding the LOST Ones – “The Economist”

Since he first ran into Rousseau and showed his technical prowess early on in Season one, Sayid has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. He always seems to be right when it comes to judging character (Henry Gale, Michael, and Mikhail come to my mind), and in general seems the most sane of the people on Flight 815. And while last year’s flashback was a huge letdown compared to his other stories, it was nice see the writers throw him in the oceanic six, and give his flash forward one of the best midseason twists in LOST history. It further proves how much stronger Season four is then last season or the season before that. In Season three, we would be talking about Locke’s vision and saving Eko and in season two, discussing the issue of “Man of Science (Jack) versus Man of Faith (Locke)” in the hatch again. And while both those themes were favored heavily again, we saw a nice twist on them, with the character who will “Lt you know when he’s decided which side he’s on.”

Even my name scares you.
Something was eerily chilling about the scene of Sayid on the golf course, the way the other man’s face darkened and showed fear upon learning that Sayid was on the Oceanic six was just wrong. Especially since the Sayid on the Island vowed to never torture or be the monster he was in the army again. Yet like Jack and Hurley something changed for Sayid when he left that Island, almost as if he wasn’t supposed to. Hurley had escaped the Mental institution and was living fine on the Island, Jack always had something to fix, Kate was no longer a wanted Criminal, and Sayid was free from the army, FBI, and any association to terrorist groups when that plane crashed. Yet now, in the future, Jack is a drunk who nearly attempted suicide, Hurley was elated to go back the SRMI, Kate has somewhere to “run” back to, and Sayid is an assassin. What happened when they all get rescued and how many people get rescued. Its clear that more then 6 are getting off the Island, and I think it’s very possible 3 “others” will be joining them.

It’s a complete full circle of lying and betrayals
As I pointed out last week our beloved 815er’s have come full circle and are in fact the Others now. They have a dictator for a leader (Locke), a secondary leader with a conscience (Hurley – Sawyer), a mysterious leader that few have met (Jacob), are taking hostages (Charlotte, Ben, Sayid, Kate), living in Othersville, and making deals to put spies in different locations. There is no way that Sayid just traded Miles for Charlottle as they had already captured Miles, Charlotte, and Kate at that point and had nothing to gain by letting two hostages walk. Sayid offered locke something else, something he couldn’t refuse if he let Sayid leave with Charlotte. My guess is spying for Locke and finding out who Ben has on the boat (Question, when Charlotte got back and the plane took off why didn’t she warn Frank that Ben was spying on their boat and not to trust anyone when he gets back there?) Just as Ethan and Goodwin infilatrated the losties camp, Sayid is infiltrating the Freighters camp, now all Locke needs is to send someone to check up on Jack and we’ve got ourselves the start of the show again, including a pregnant woman. Oh, and if you want more proof, Locke brought refreshments to the prisoners before he was going to interrogate them. That’s not familiar at all.

The Economist
In probably one of the stupidest decisions he has made on the show, Sayid decided to try and have an information affair with Elsa. Yet it didn’t stick out to him like a sore thumb when she told him her job was to shop two days a year, there is obviously more to her and her job then she let on Sayid, I mean honestly where would one find an opening for a job like that: “Work, two days a year, aid to an economist, must be hot blonde female, must be willing to kill.” Something was fishy and the on Island Sayid would have been able to pick that up right away. Of course, who is the economist that Charlotte works for? A man like a real economist who finds everything expandable has no attachments to anyone or their feelings, trades for the best value, and doesn’t get suckered into anything and is always planning his net four moves. Gee sounds a lot like Ben to me. Yet the revelation that Sayid works for Ben screwed me theory mid-episode on that one. So as a backup plan I’m going with my gut and saying it has to be Charles Widmore, who would have the money and will to hire someone like that. I’m ruling out Mr. Paik as I’m sticking to Jin/Sun getting off the Island, and Matthew Abaddon is creepy enough without someone like that working for him.

Mittelos Bioscience
Time and that Island have always been off by a long shot, but no we know for certain that something is wrong thanks to a very innocent looking experiment by Daniel Faraday, where his payload arrives 31 minutes too late. But the line everyone seems to be looking over was when Daniel made the phone call and Frank told him “If Minkowski comes on the line hang up right away.” Now why would one of the crew not be allowed to talk to what seems like one of the leaders of their missions especially if he is just performing a simple experiment. Minkowski gets more mysterious every week and that helicopter can’t get there quick enough for me. I have no idea who Minkowski is or what we can expect, but I suspect he is not who he seems and is not a nice guy.

Other various information/guesses:
-I think these 9 people not on the freighter crew get off the Island:
Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Desmond, Juliet, and Ben.
-I think Claire and Sun will discuss who gets to go and Claire changes her fate and lets Sun/Jin go if it means it will save their baby.
-How many more mystery men are we going to hear about this year before we finally meet one? Man on the boat, Jacob, The economist, Minkowski, the list gets bigger every week
-As sayid has always been he is the divider between Jack/Locke, He is not a pure man of faith or science, and has no ties to anyone. He is the best leader and strategist on the Island and that’s why he was the first to leave the Island
-Regardless all of the Oceanic six will return to the Island together before the show ends.
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Title: Finding The LOST Ones - Confirmed Dead
Posted: February 10, 2008 (06:51 PM)
Finding the LOST Ones – Confirmed Dead

Well we did get several answers amongst the millions of questions that would seem to percolate to the surface. We also gained a few bits of clarification on issues that arose, saw that for the first time the show as has come full circle and that life on the Island is in fact nothing but a repeated pattern, no one is beyond suspicion, and no one, absolutely no one knows everything that’s going on the Island. Of course we gain another how does Ben know everything moment, another open ended who the man on the boat/in the coffin, and another appearance from Mr. Super Creepy a.k.a Matthew Abaddon.

Contrary to our narrator’s speculation we didn’t and won’t learn who Naomi’s sister is. As it was in fact a code phrase, which makes me wonder what other code phrases our new Island inhabitants have on them that we haven’t heard them have to say. I had thought something was up when “previously on LOST” re-played her saying those lines. I think our compadres have a lot more secrets then were even close to knowing and they all have a reason for getting to the Island, being on the team, and much more of a mission then simply kidnapping Benjamin Linus. There was a reason for the timing as well, Abaddon simply didn’t pick days after the discovery of 815 to send out his troops to find the Island, he knows the inhabitants live, and knew that these people and the remaining survivors would be the key to finding the Island again.

Daniel Faraday Flashback/General Analysis:
Easily the shakiest of all the newbies to the Island and we learned that right away. While watching footage of the discovery of “Oceanic Flight 815” he started to cry and didn’t know why. I’ll tell you why he cried because he knew it wasn’t the flight and that the Island did in fact exist. They weren’t tears of sadness, but tears of joy. He’s a head case, but on LOST do we ever expect anyone close to normal? He’s indecisive, deceiving, and unknowingly a member of a party he to disrupt the inhabitants of our Island. I don’t think he’ll be anywhere close to a threat to the Island and seems to have respect for the 815er’s leading to me believe he’ll be on the show to the end. He’s more then a Physicist, as he doesn’t like to be called just that. His last name, like many on the show is no coincidence as “Faraday” was a famous scientist, whose units for electric charge are replaced by the modern coulomb. He did work in the fields of electromagnetism, and I’m supposed to buy that it’s a coincidence he’s on the Island, yeah right. He’ll be the key in discovering how the Island is invisible unless it wants to be found, and help to discover the source of the giant electromagnetic anomaly, as the Swan isn’t the only electro magnet, the storm and two nearly crashed helicopters back that up.Total speculation but if Daniels a head case any chance he's been to the Santa Rosa Mental Institution where Hugo Reyes stayed at?

Miles Straume
Easily the weirdest, most combat ready, and senile of the helicopter crew (HC from here on out). He purposefully set a trap for when he was discovered and spotted Kate going for the gun instantly. All that pales in comparison to his ghost busting ability, and seeming ability to contact the other side. I don’t really know what to make of it at all, it’s obvious that he’s on the Island because of all the deaths and will prove valuable in determining what happened to the Dharma initiative, when I suspect Jack and Kate should magically find the pit of the dead souls, as well as any corpses buried at the barracks or wherever they head. He headstrong and easily angered and dead set on getting Ben for some reason, yet I can’t help but feel he’s going to be the first f the crew to die, no one is ever that headstrong and survives on the Island I don’t care how well you can talk to the dead. Hell, he almost got himself shot the way he whipped that gun around. Whoever’s house he visited off the Island has some connection to Nigeria and Eko as that picture on the wall-looked way to similar to Eko and way to different to the other photos of her grandson. The opening of his flashback, and the way he didn’t seem to think or care about the discovery of Flight 815 makes me think he knows that they aren’t all dead not all 324 of them (108 * 3 btw), he would have felt that. It’s also why he has no shock at all, like Jack said about discovering so many alive on the Island. I’m not sure why Matthew wanted him on the team, but I think there’s a lot to Miles that he would rather not tell, notice how angry he got when Daniel just about said his last name (which I can’t find any significance to).

Charlotte Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis):
Didn’t catch that name the first name around did you, I assure that name is no coincidence either. How the stories tell of different ways to open portals and ways on the Island…or I mean Narnia. And how always when you find Narnia there was someone there who did something before you. Excellent name choice and parallel choice by the writers. Then there is her magical flashback which links her in some way to the Dharma initiative, that smile on her face as well as knowing exactly where to look for the collar. She smiled beamingly when she saw the Hydra logo, she knows the Island exists, knows of the Dharma initiative, and wants to go back. Also her absolute doubt in the discovery of Flight 815 is her connection to knowing that the plane hasn’t been found and is more then likely on this Island.

Frank Lapidus:
A drunk, a pilot, a cook, a wearer of hawaiin shirts, and the propsed pilot of Flight 815. The last one is the reason Frank needed to fly the helicopter to get on the Island because he was already supposed to be there. And it was blatant in his flashback that he knew they didn’t find 815. (Note in the Pilot episode, the pilot of Flight 815 does in fact have a wedding ring just as he shouted in the phone!) I haven’t quite figured out what his role in the long run will be, I fully suspect he will get back off the Island, and it was his fault that Seth Norris was killed. Upon the crash the Monster knew right away that Seth was not supposed to be on the Island and cleaned up the mess and the mistake that had been made. This decision was also the key in these four new people getting to the Island. Everyone on the Island has a purpose and will play a role at some point.

We have now come full circle:
Remember it was only 93 island days ago when our survivors crash-landed on a plane on a bizarre Island. From then on they feared the others and the mysteries that seemingly followed them. Well here we are now with a helicopter that was struck by lightning and crash-landed sending it’s inhabitants all over the Island (Oceanic 815 was split into three parts). And these new people now have something to fear as well especially Charlotte Lewis. Oh, and if you didn’t feel the parallels between the “The Hunting Party” when Tom yells “Light’em up” and tells Jack he is surrounded, and the scene where Jack tells miles his men are in the jungle and to put the guns down, then you haven’t been paying attention. Very subtly our losties have become the others, where some want to get off the Island and others want to stay. They performed their purge on the Island last season, and the only differences in the two is that Locke is a far more open and expressive leader then Ben, who upfront tells people why is he doing something even if it makes no sense at the time. This certainly is the last time we will see Island occurences come full circle as I suspect the entire Oceanic 6 will crash land together back on the Island at some point. As dr. Greg House says “No one changes and everyone lies”, sounds like a great summary of LOST.

Questions and a lack of Answers or any good theory of mine yet:
Here’s the list of questions that I haven’t worked out how it all works yet:
1. Who is Ben’s man on the boat – I doubt it’s Mikhail despite his contact with Naomi, he’d be leaving the Island far to frequently for that and he was in the Flame presumeabley the entire time, and when he wasn’t he was supposed to be dead. I think he knew the man on the boat and drew more info from Naomi. I also think Michael may be on the friehgter but not as Ben’s man, he never personally met Ben until he was supposed to “leave” the Island.

2. Where is that Ben Photo taken from and why isn’t the monitor plugged in? Did dharma have some information day that Ben attended. Great outfit at least.

3. Why does Miles want to find Ben so badly? The leader of his team is dead, his helicopter has low fuel and crashed, and yet he still cares very angrily about Ben.

4. Why did Locke ask about the Monster? Was Locke testing Ben? Does Jacob know? Does Locke know? Does anyone on the Island have all the answers about what has happened on the Island?

5. Why is the light not bending properly like miles says it should?

6. How on earth does Miles talk to Ghosts?

Details on Next weeks episode MINOR SPOILERS:
-The Episode is entitled “The Economist” and is a Sayid centric episode
-We will meet another member of the Oceanic Six
-Were headed back to othersville, or I guess “lockes team town” now

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Title: Finding the LOST Ones: S4E01
Posted: February 01, 2008 (05:32 PM)
Season 4 – Episode 1 “The Beginning of the End”

After what seems like ages ABC’s one mega hit not just super hit television show returned to the airwaves with a vengenance last week, and I’m not just talking about the increased ratings. After leaving fans around the world, yours truly included, in the 100% dark after last season’s “Snake in the Mailbox” we finally got another glimpse at the future, another Jack Vs Locke conflict, and a boatload of questions without a boatload answers.

Immediately you could tell this episode was going to be something special as it broke several LOST traditions in the very first scene. Firstly, it was Hurley flashforward, making it the first non-Jack centric premiere episode, and secondly the series opened with a pile of mangos instead of an eye gazing into the camera, though later on we got a very mysterious one staring at us. As Ben recollected in last seasons finale making that call was the beginning of the end and this episode only further to ceased to drive that point home. From here on out the breakdown won’t be in the chronological order of the show but in relevance to my thoughts, theories, and little things most people skipped over.

The first thing we have to look at is how Hurley is special in more ways then one. His ability to make things re-appear and disappear is unlike anyone elses, is this because unlike everyone else on the island he has no dirty deeds or dark secrets in his past? He seemingly forced Charlie, Matthew, and the Jacob’s cabin to disappear upon his command. Interesting how Charlie told him twice (his palm in the interrogation room) that “they” needed him while Matthew questioned whether “they” were still alive. The even later Hurley told Jack that “it” not “they” might bring them back to the Island. It seems too obvious that “they” refers to the remaining members of the survivors not in the Oceanic Six (Assuming Jack, Hurley, Kate are three I’ll take Sayid, Sin and Jun as my other three) is too obvious, I think they are the members of the freighter coming to the island and the Dharma initiative and our creepy friend Matthew knows about Hanso and wants answers to what happened. The it that might bring them back to the Island is the smoke monster whom it seems very possible took the shape of Charlie and Matthew in the episode.

One other thing that struck me as truly odd was seeing Ana Lucia’s former Cop partner in the room. Not that him being there was odd, this LOST and everyone is connected to everyone, but the way he asked about Ana Lucia. Only asking if Hurley had met her before the flight. This implies that he doesn’t know she survived the crash and that it’s believed only six people ever survived Oceanic Flight 815 with everyone else being killed prior to the crash or as the crash happened. Additionally this ties into the cover-up story that Jack ensured Hurley wasn’t to going to tell and that jack was “sick of lying” about in the finale. I’m going with my gut and saying Charlies Widmore is behind the cover-up in an effort to keep Penny from Desmond and to keep the Island hidden from regular view. Of course, this leads to the question, what happens to Penny since she knows the Island exists and knows that Charlie was alive on it with Desmond. Thus she would know from his statement that multiple people survived the crash and with that much money and presumably some fame wouldn’t she go public with her knowledge and question the Oceanic six. A second theory is that she is going about it quietly and Matthew actually works for her, but I heavily doubt this I think he is with the people on the freighter.

Of course this wouldn’t really be complete at all without discussing the obvious Jacob’s cabin moment, where the cabin does move when Hurley runs away I’ve re-watched the scene multiple times to be sure. When he looks in the cabin window he does see Christian Shepherd and the same eye we witnessed in “The Man Behind The Curtain”, which is not John Lockes. Yet according to Ben Jacob can only be heard and seen when he wants to be and he contacts you not the other way around, so why is it that Jacob wanted to see and speak to Hurley, why did he move his cabin and open his door to invite Hurley in, and why how did he fix his lantern? Also we heard the whispers as Hurley got near the cabin is it possible that the whispers are merely the sounds Jacob makes when he is having a conversation and does not want to be heard, in this case discussing something with Christian that Hugo couldn’t hear?

I also thought the last bit of the flashforward where Hurley tells jack that he’s sorry he went with Locke was interesting. What does Locke do that makes Hurley think taking his side was the wrong one, when we could clearly see that it was Jack not Locke who was angrier, scared and more uncertain then ever. The way he looks into the nose section, how he could have shot Locke if their bullets, and how didn’t look happy or seem to care when people went with Locke. Jack has happened democracy and has become a man solely obsessed with fixing things and getting himself of the Island with other people his friends, as the secondary thought. Yet in his flash forward last season we saw that something changed Jack’s opinion he went from “Were never going back” to “We Have to go back” and if he wants to go back why didn’t he go see Hurley who thought “it” would want them back? Does Jack come to his senses and realize that leaving the Island fixed nothing and in order to make things right for himself and everyone on that plane he has to return to the Island save the surivivors, reveal the conspiracy, and show the Island for what it is to the pubic eye? Maybe he doesn’t have to go that far, but something in the future bothers Jack enough to make to a 180 on his opinion from this episode.

So with that I’ll wrap this thing up and I will try to done of these recaps theory things every new episode. Heres a couple things ***minor spoilters*** to look for next week, this is based on the season 4 trailer and the ABC press release and my opinion:

1. We will see Michael. He’s on the casting list (was for Episode 1 to) and I think we’ll be seeing him in a flashback though, not on the Island yet
2. We will meet the friehgt crew for the most part
3. Matthew Abaddon is due for a return
4. The flashback is based on the characters on the Freighter
5. Title is “Confirmed Dead” presumeably referring to Naomi
6. Jack will realize Ben was not to far off about the people on the boat
7. We will see the Smoke Monster in one form or another
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Title: NFL Blitz Divisional Playoffs
Posted: January 14, 2008 (12:23 PM)
NFL Blitz: Divisional Playoffs

Stats of the Week:
1. Tom Brady completed 92.9% of his pass attempts
2. Ryan Grant fumbled twice in the span of 58 seconds
3. Brett Favre has thrown a touchdown pass in 17 consecutive post-season games
4. In Wild Card Weekend no rung back had more then 70 yards, in the first divisional game Ryan Grant had over 200.
5. Rodney Harrison has an interception in 4 consecutive playoff games.
6. As of last Sunday at 1:00 Philip Rivers and Eli Manning had never won a playoff game. As of 8:00 this Sunday both had won a pair and are in Conference championship games.
7. “America’s team” have not won a playoff game in 12 years.
8. The New York Giants are 9-1 on the road
9. No Reciever had over 100yds through the air despite the fact five quarterbacks threw for over 200 yds
10. Here’s why I’ve believed Tom Brady is better then Peyton Manning and have for many years, Peyton Manning is 7-7 in the post season, Tom Brady is 13-2.

As a New England fan nothing scares me more then the possibility of a Green Bay – New England Superbowl, everything in that game just seems to tilt towards Green Bay.

I’ll be disappointed if Tony Dungy retires. As much as I disagree with his views on certain topics, he seems like a genuinely nice guy and by all player and game accounts a terrific coach.

Found this on ESPN’s Page 2 this week the scouting report for Tom Brady “Slow, lacks mobility, good height, no real arm strength.”

I’ll also be disappointed if Mike Holmgreen retires, that certainly not the way a probably Hall of Fame coach should end his career.

With the dungy possible retirement and more then likely departure of Dallas Clark because of free agency, can’t help but think it might be the year the Jaguars win the AFC South the next time around.

Who would’ve thought in Week 2, when Green Bay played New York, and New England played San Diego we’d be getting our preview of the Championship games. Nuts.

I owe an apology to Norv Turner, I said the chargers were winning based on talent, but the fact that he stuck to his game plan without LT or Rivers showed guts, he played to win, not to keep it close, and made some great coaching decisions.

Jeff Fisher is having fits somewhere, Billy Volek looked like Johnny Unitas on that drive to take the lead, no idea where it came from.
Philip Rivers is a “Grade A” douche. And If LaDanian “I hate New England” Tomlinson dares to mention a word about New England not being classy this week, someone had better show what a classless douchebag his starting QB is.

Read the ravens are interested to talking to Shottenheimer, be a perfect fit for a running powered offense with a great tight end and quick linebackers. Sounds almost like the team that he got fired from. Although McGahee is not LT good, it’s still a great running offense in Baltimore.

If Crennel somehow wound up Miami (which I heavily doubt), we’d be a Josh McDaniels to Buffalo away from a Belichick/Parcells trained AFC East head coaching staff.

Have to believe Michael Turner is going to be heavily wanted this off-season. After McFadden in the draft he’s a fantastic runner who has been over-shadowed by L.T. his entire career.

I’d be stunned if Tony Sparano isn’t named Miami head coach by the end of next week. That just seemed to fall nicely into place with the Dallas loss this weekend.

Championship Matchups:
(3) San Diego Chargers (13-5) Versus (1) New England Patriots (17-0) January 19th 3:00 PM on CBS

(5) New York Giants (12-6) Versus (2) Green Bay Packers (14-3) January 20th 6:30 on FOX
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Title: Top 25 Singles of 2007
Posted: January 10, 2008 (04:28 PM)
25. Inconsolable – Backstreet Boys
The song let you knew that the Boys were back to what they were before the three year break and really represents the album, which was heavily under-rated, very well. This is pop music as it’s finest, cheesy love ballads.

24. The Evening News – Chamillionaire
The Evening News was higher until I realized that as individual single it’s not that amazing. Yet, I couldn’t take it off the list as that would be a disgrace to how good the album as a whole is, and to fully understand the song and appreciate you really have to listen to “Ultimate Victory”

23. We Taking Over – D.J. Khaled ft. Rick Ross, T.I. Fat Joe, Akon, Weezy, & Birdman
I have no idea what it is about this song, maybe the super catchy hook or the fact that every verse outside of Birdman’s is not too shabby. It’s ring tone rap, but at the same time it’s not terrible and it’s flows smoothly from verse to verse. Whatever it is, it’s a song I always seem to be able to give a few more listens to.

22. The Way I Are – Timbland ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E
This song had hit written over it when the album came out, and the remix with Sebastian is pretty terrible, the original song has a great beat and a nice chorus, despite some weaker verses in the lyrics department.

21. Touchdown – T.I. ft Eminem
Easily the best song on T.I. vs. T.I.P, with a fantastic chorus and three funny verses. The odd part is how much the chorus brags that they will incite a riot, but Eminem’s verse is about kids putting nail polish on his rims and permanent marker on his windows so he can’t see? It’s funny and sounds great, but really doesn’t fit the song well at all.

20. Lost Highway – Bon Jovi
Is this Country or Rock? The guitar solo partway through says rock, but the rest of the melody says country. I guess it’s a bit of both, and is nice tune to listen to when your driving almost anywhere, or just driving to nowhere on your own lost highway.

19. Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood
It’s mean, it’s funny, it’s fierce, and it’s one of the few country songs I’ve ever able to understand and like at the same time. In my opinion the far and away best artist to ever to be a winner on American Idol, as she actually seems to have some vocal talent. The fact it was the third longest song in billboard hot 100 history is pretty crazy and amazing at the same time.

18. The Good Life – Kanye West ft. T-Pain
Cocky, arrogant, catchy, and upbeat or the way Kanye should be, throw in what seems like a patented T-Pain hook whenever he is in any song this year and you’ve got a song that’s certainly easy to dance to. It’s a fun song just hear with a nice beat and it’s what we’ve come to expect from Kanye.

17. Ayo Technology – 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
I think this was the song that let everyone know anything Timbaland and to a degree Timberlake was turning to gold this year. They managed to take 50 Cent whose previous singles were all the same and make a song with a smooth beat and great chorus and just enough to separate it from other sex songs and stand out in a crowded field, even 50’s voice fits the beat perfectly.

16. Flashing Lights – Kanye West ft. Dwele
One of the last singles released in 2007 and one of the strongest beats on Graduation. With one remix and freestyle already out there I’m sure this beat will get passed around plenty while this single grows. It’s one of the hidden gems on Graduation and is a song you should definitely give some listens to.

15. When I’m Gone - Simple Plan
Lyrically, it’s just like every other simple song, but in terms of music it’s totally different. Friend of Timbaland Nate Hills is the producer and it shows in the much more hip-hop sounding single for the band none for the borderline emo music. It shows a change in the band, which hopefully carry over into their third album, which is to be self-titled, Simple Plan.

14. Into The Night – Santana ft. Chad Kroeger
These two team up before on the song “Why Don’t you and I” but promotional problems made the lead singer of the Calling the singer on the single, thankfully it’s Chad the whole way and as always excellent guitar work from Santana. It’s a song that’s easy to listen to, and there is a good reason it climbed to #2 its second week on the Canadian Hot 100 charts.

13. Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston
Yeah it’s a heavy sample, yeah its lyrics are pretty fundamental, and yeah that’s a synthesized voice. However it works and creates the song of the summer and it’s release was timed perfectly, it’s simple and smooth and over the top in terms of break-ups, But summertime comes and goes, and heck next time you don’t ask a hot girl out, just claim the break-up would have made you suicidal. Should make you feel better.

12. Umbrella – Rihanna ft. Jay-Z
I don’t have much to say here. I didn’t think Rihanna was anything special for her first two albums and the singles of them were mediocre to decent at best. Then heard this song and realized she seems to have at least some talent and can create a good song. Not sure what changed for her, but this single and her third album “Good Girl Gone Bad” were a change for the better for sure.

11. Bleed it Out – Linkin Park
Arguably Linkin Park’s best song, but not necessarily their best single. It loses points for having one of the worst videos of the year. Otherwise I have no real beef with the song other Chester’s Voice seems scratchier at the end on the last verse, and it really made me wonder why they didn’t let Mike Shinoda rap a little more on the album.

10. Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) – Wyclef Jean ft. Akon, Lil’ Wayne & Niia
Say what you will about his album, but this song is good, the hook and shout out to the Wu Tang Clan (did you catch it C.R.E.A.M) and then the soft Niia vocals in the background tying the song together. Akon even has more then a Chorus for once and Lil’ Wayne voice seems less annoying then usual.

9. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’) – T-Pain ft. Young Joc
Probably the pick up phrase of the year “Let’s get drunk and forget what we did” as well as many other wonderful lines thrown into this beat about buying ladies drinks to get what you want. Though, I’d love to know what dance T-Pain is doing in that video. Young Joc verse is funny and well put and the song just has an excellent flow to it, and on prom night had everyone dancing to say the least.

8. Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5
It was nice to wake up and listen to new Maroon 5 earlier this year, and it certainly helped that their lead single was as good as the best songs on “Songs About Jane”. It’s an up tempo heartbreak song kind of, and Adam Levine’s soft voice carries us through the song, and it certainly wasn’t an accident that it jumped to #1 after only one week on the charts.

7. Paralyzer – Finger Eleven
Here’s a song that totally came from left field and a band that certainly didn’t imagine having a single big enough, but Paralyzer is huge and it’s heads and shoulders above any of their other songs. Sure “One Thing” was good, but it doesn’t touch this one. It was a massive hit in Canada and even so long after release (originally released March 6th) it peaked on the charts at #7 in December. A breakthrough song for a band that hasn’t had anything close to a song as good as this.

6. What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
While arguably a worse song then Bleed it out, Chester’s voice isn’t as scratchy and the video isn’t horrendous. It was a huge change and not what I expected from Linkin Park coming off such a long break, and the weird thing is I like it more then their old stuff, which I still thought was good. And it gets bonus points for being in Transformers, which was totally sweet.

5. The Heart Gently Weeps – Wu Tang Clan
When you have an album as good as 8 diagrams it’s hard to have a stand out song, and when it’s released so late, and only has one single released in 2007 it’s a good thing they picked my favorite song on the album. The chorus is smooth and the lyrics are as good as you’d expect. Just a great song that is going to get underplayed because it’s not ring tone rap.

4. Apologize – One Republic
This is the original version, not the Timbaland I kind of changed the beats and say “eh” in the song version. The original is much more instrument heavy and much easier and smoother to listen to. While lyrically identical, the songs just sounds better with instruments instead of a fabricated beat. It makes me think we should keep an eye on One Republic, as this is a fantastic song.

3. Roc Boys (And The Winners Is…) – Jay-Z
When Blue Magic leaked I thought it was good, but I wasn’t ready to declare Jay back on it. Then the second single, Roc Boys leaked and I knew something big was coming. It was up-tempo, swinging, and Jay was back to rhyming like he used to before Kingdom Come. As much the fast and loud horns would have you believe different the song is about drug dealing and seems happier then every other song about it. It’s fun to listen to and features some guests like Beyonce, Cassie, and Kanye on the chorus who aren’t credited. Definitely one of the pleasant surprises of the year.

2. Don’t Matter – Akon
I’m not going to powder coat it, before I heard this song I didn’t think too much of Akon. ‘Smack That” was one of the most over-rated songs of 2006, and his prior work just seemed generic. Yet, this song is so different, he’s actually singing in it, the lyrics fit the beat, and the message is constant throughout, and for once isn’t about money, guns, or many girls have. It’s about sticking it out through the rough spots no matter your friends and family stay. I’ve been able to and still enjoy listening to it for almost the whole year, so it lands as the runner up.

1. Stronger – Kanye West
Anyone who knows me certainly found this anti-climatic. I’ve been listening to the song over and over since it first came out and still listen to it more and more. It’s smooth, catchy, and has a certain vibe to it that’s it puts above every other song. It’s been a tad over-used when you listen the whole song, which is about women not about getting pumped for basketball or war. But it’s a fantastic song that I just flat out liked more then every other song this year.

Divisional Picks:
New England
Green Bay
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Title: NFL Blitz Wild Card Weekend
Posted: January 06, 2008 (08:35 PM)
NFL Blitz: Wild Card Weekend

The playoffs began with only a few mildly intriguing matchups this year. Being as by far the 4 best teams had a bye the wild card games seemed a little lack luster and compared to previous years, not very appealing. That said, we did have one fantastic game, and a few games were interesting for a half or so. A disappointing start to the wild card weekend in this columnists opinion, and hopefully with more storylines and intrigue the divisional rounds will bring more excitement to the table.

Stats of the Week:
1. No one on any team had one rusher go over 70 yards
2. Tennessee had 6 different players run the ball
3. David Garrard had more yards rushing then Maurice Jones Drew or Fred Taylor
4. The 3 seed and the 5 seed won in both conferences.
5. Eli Manning and Philip Rivers were traded for each other. As of 1:00 neither had won a playoff game. As of 7:45 both had one on.
6. Dallas assistant Tony Sprano interviewed with 3 teams in under 48 hours, what’s the record for interviews with different teams?
7. Atlanta is interviewing for a GM and head coach using 9 different people.
8. The winner for MVP, Offensive Rookie, and Defensive rookie all received over 45 out of the 50 votes.
9. Prior to this week game Eli Manning in the post-season was 26/45 for 274 yds, 2 TD and 4 INT. This week he was 20/27 for 185 yds and 2 TD.

Thoughts and Few what were thinking moments:
Big Ben showed were the Jags were vulnerable, in the air. I’d be shocked to see if Laurence Maroney gets much more then 10 carries this week. Jacksonville better be prepared to see 3 and 4 wide receiver spreads the entire game.

Why on earth did Norv Turner blow his last timeout challenging whether LT got into the end zone. At that point they were only up 10-6 with lots of time to play. It seemed like that could have easily come back to bite them badly.

Before everyone goes and says Norv did what Marty couldn’t wait for next week. Yes Marty lost his first playoff game but he got his team to the divisonals on a bye, and then a played against a much more formidable opponent and coach with New England and Bill Belichick, and even then if McCree hit the ground on that pick they would’ve won. If San Diego can beat Tony Dungy and the Indianapolis Colts next week, then maybe firing Marty was the right move.

Jon Gruden made the right call kicking off with 5:00 to go. He needed to scores and had all his timeouts. They made the stop and minus that Garcia pick, could have easily scored the TD then onside kicked, and gotten into field goal range. Onside kicking with 5:00 to go and 3 Timeouts shows a lack of trust in your defence. And thankfully his defence backed him up, even if his Offence failed to score.

Doesn’t it just seem kind of wrong that Tampa Bay and Washington now draft ahead of Cleveland this year?

Outside of Holmgreen and Hasselbeck returning to Green Bay and maybe upsetting at Lambeau, and even that seems sketchy. Or I guess you could propose that the third times the charm for Eli and Giants against Dallas. You could grasp for straws and say San Diego beat Indianapolis in the regular season and they could do it again. But then you have realize Indianapolis was on an emotional letdown after New England missing two Offensive linemen and like half their season Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark. And who knows maybe Jacksonville punch in the mouth style will beat New England and be the upset of the ages. Though I won’t be shocked, can anyone hear name the last M.V.P to win the superbowl the year they were M.V.P….didn’t think so.

Patriot Games (The Undefeated season)
Still undefeated because of a bye week. Though Brady picked up his first most valuable player award and Bill Belichick picked up his second Coach of the Year award this week. Next up for the Unbeaten Patriots, a night time clash in Foxboro against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Divisional Matchups:
Saturday January 12th
(3)Seattle Seahawks V (2)Green Bay Packers – 4:30 on FOX

(5) Jacksonville Jaguars V (1) New England Patriots – 8:00 on CBS

Sunday January 13th
(3) San Diego Chargers V (2) Indianapolis Colts – 1:00 on CBS

(5) New York Giants V (1) Dallas Cowboys – 4:30 on FOX

Additional coach ramble:
Atlanta should hire Mike Martz, if he can make Jon Kitna throw for 4'000 he can do it with just about anyone

Sprano is already going to Dallas that's a sure fire thing

Won't be surprised if Lane Kiffen goes in Oakland, Rob Ryan takes over as Head Coach and brings in his Brother Rex Ryan (formerly of Baltimore) as the new Defensive Co-ordinator.

Baltimore may be the landing location for Marty Schottenheimer if they try it and they should. He's good with RB's and that's what Baltimore should be. Or maybe that's where Jason garrett from Dallas will land.

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Title: NFL Blitz Week 17
Posted: December 31, 2007 (11:23 AM)
The column went on hiatus for Christmas last week.

NFL Blitz Week 17

Here we are at the final week of the regular season. In a season filled with equal mediocrity (only Miami and St. Louis finished with less then 4 wins), we witnessed the first 16-0 regular season, the resurgence of a 38 year old legend, a 44 year old Vinny Testeverde winning games, teams still kicking to Devin Hester, and the Cleveland Browns smashing their to 10 wins. It’s been a weird year for Football as heading into the final Sunday no division was up for grabs, and only two playoff question marks remained, leaving a lackluster feeling to the end of the season. Oh and gotta feel for the Browns who despite 10 wins miss out on the playoffs based on “record against common opponents”

Stats of the Week:
1. Tom Brady threw 50 touchdown passes an average of 3.125 per game and only 8 interceptions.
2. Randy Moss had 23 touchdown catches, Almost 1.5 per game. Not bad for a 4th round pick who’d “ Lost a step”
3. Wes Welker and T.J. Housjmenzadeh tied for the league lead with 112 receptions. Both are second on the depth charts at their positions.
4. I promise the last patriot stats, they set a league record for points in a season (589 or 36.8 per game) and for number of players (26) scoring a touchdown.
5. Derek Anderson nearly made it 5 QB’s to throw for 30 TD’s this season. 4 ties the league record.
6. No team in the NFC East or AFC South finished below .500
7. The AFC West, AFC East, NFC South, and NFC West had only the division leader finish above .500
8. Sage Rosenfels attempted only 18 passes and the Texans scored 42 points.
9. 64 different quarterbacks started a game in the NFL this year. An avaerage of 2 per team.
10. At 44 years and 49 days young Vinny Testaverde took his final snap.
11. Devin Hester returned 6 kicks for touchdowns this year. A new record. Why do people kick to him?

As a Patriot fan I’m disinclined to cheer for the Colts, but Indianapolis doesn’t help their cause when they rest their starters and don’t help out everyone’s second favorite team the Cleveland Browns who against many odds-makers went 10-6 this year and probably saved Romeo Crennel’s job.

Quarterbacking was a bad year, outside of Brady, Manning, Romo, Roethilsberger, Favre and a handful of others their was bad play at the position, like say Chris Weinke getting a start this week.

Oh, and for the record I’m not sure whom I’m picking but I’ll be rooting for Tennessee over San Diego (I think New England can shred the titans secondary) and Pittsburgh over Jacksonville (Jacksonville is just too tough for a 5 seed).

An unrelated note, but it’s a disgrace to the NFL in my opinion if Belichick doesn’t win coach of the year. The signal stealing didn’t help them at all and they shattered so many records going through this season.

Somewhere, Kurt Warrener despite an 8-8 season is smiling, as his best moments of the season were probably him remembering this week’s pummeling of his former team St. Louis and the man who stole his job, Marc Bulger.

No what were they thinking this week besides the Colts resting their starters knowing what happened to them in 2005 against the Steelers, a potential second round opponent. Just doesn’t make sense. They won the superbowl having to play every week (week 17 last year they had a shot at a bye and needed a win to stay ahead of New England) and they won the Superbowl. So they rest everyone into a bye week this year? Color me skeptical.

The Un-watch (to be renamed the Pat Watch over the next weeks)
What to say that hasn’t been said. Eli played like Peyton for most of the game and they still managed to sneak out a win. The first 16-0 team in the regular season ever. Seems like a big deal to everyone but New England whom it only matters if that six is flipped upside down and it says 19-0. The next opponent for the Patriots will be Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, or Tennessee depending on how the wild card games play out.

Top 5 Teams:
5. Jacksonville Jaguars
4. Green Bay Packers
3. Dallas Cowboys
2. Indianapolis Colts
1. New England Patriots

Week 17 picks:
This Week: 10-6
Overall: 160 – 96
Percentage for the regular season: 62.5%

Coach of the Year – Bill Belichick (New England Patriots)
Runner up: Mike McCarthy (Green Bay Packers)

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Patrick Willis (San Francisco 49er’s)
Runner up: Jon Beason (Carolina Panthers)

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings)
Runner up: Marshawn Lynch (Buffalo Bills)

Comeback Player of the Year: Mario Williams (Houston Texans)
Runner up: Kurt Warrener (Arizona Cardinals)

Offensive Player of the Year: Randy Moss (New England Patriots)
Runner up: Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

Defensive Player of the Year: Albert Haynesworth (Tennessee Titans)
Runner up: Antonio Cromartie (San Diego Chargers)

Most Valuable Player: Tom Brady (New England Patriots)
Runner up: Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers)
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Title: My Favorite CD's of 2007/Week 16 picks
Posted: December 20, 2007 (05:04 PM)
Top 15 CD’s of 2007

Before you read, hate and criticize this list, I didn’t just put the CD’s that I would necessarily rate the best in order. I took into consideration how good song is every song as a whole, Is there any flow or order to the CD or does fee like a bunch of songs thrown together, is this effort all that different from there other CD’s or a cash in? And finally can I still listen to the CD as a whole however long after it’s been out and still like it as much the first time I heard it. Yes some came out much later for that category so it does affect where they place, and when such instances occur I note it.

15. Sean Kingston – self titled
By now everyone has heard “Beautiful Girls” to death, but the rest of the album is actually pretty under-rated, “Kingston” should’ve been the second single and later songs like “Dry Your Eyes” have a nice tempo to them. The Problems arises with songs like “Colors 2007” which isn’t interesting and that towards the end the sampling gets heavier like “I Can Feel It” and the lack of a ton of variety. Towards the end the songs tend to get blander and his voice begins to sound the same making it harder to distinguish songs. That said, there are plenty of great tracks to listen to and it’s a CD worth checking out.

14. Bon Jovi – Lost Highway
I’ll admit I was first on the “oh crap Bon Jovi is doing a country album” bandwagon, and I’ll be one of the first to admit I was wrong. Somehow he manages to pull off a pretty solid mixture between Rock and Country and still delivers a few great Anthem tracks like the self-titled “Lost Highway”. There are a few songs like “You Want to Make a Memory” which are not enough rock and too slow, but for the most part it’s better song for song then his previous album “Have a Nice Day” and is further proof that Bon Jovi will be around for many years to come.

13. It Won’t Be Soon Before Long – Maroon 5
It only took 5 years for Maroon 5 to release the follow up to their first CD “Songs about Jane” and while IWBSBL isn’t as good, it’s still a great CD. The CD has a lot of variety to it but lacks a big rock punch out track like “This Love” and “Harder to Breathe” from their initial effort. The slower songs on the CD like “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Won’t Go Home Without You” are much improved from SAJ. And then the big hits like “Makes Me Wonder” and “Wake Up Call” are great songs as well. The problem is that not all of the slower songs are really good and tracks like “Can’t Stop” and “Kiwi” slow the album down, and dampen an otherwise fantastic second effort.

12. Carrie Underwood – Carnival Ride
The only American Idol I’ve ever been able to listen to for more then one song, does a pretty great follow up on her second album. The initial single “So Small” falls right in line with her style of music, and the fact that she is becoming more involved and writing some of her own music earns her some more props. The album has some great range of emotions like the opening song “Flat on the Floor” and the later song “I Told You This”. There are a few misses on the album, and parts of it seem to drag, but it’s a stellar to follow up for what’s sure to be the most successful American Idol.

11. Good Girl Gone Bad – Rihanna
From Jay-Z’s opening on Umbrella to Rihanna’s emotional ending on “Good Girl Gone Bad” the Barbados singer delivers by far her best CD. Packed with hits from beginning to end. Buried in the hits like “Umbrella” and “Hate That I Love You” were far superior songs like “Rehab” and “Breakin Dishes”. Where the CD falters is that it gets repetitive on second listens. “Lemme get that” and “Sell Me Candy” are fun for one listen, but afterwards you realize they really don’t sync with the rest of the album. Yet, considering her past efforts Rihanna shows a lot of improvement vocally and lyrically in her third try and releases one of the more enjoyable pop albums of the year.

10. Finger Eleven – Them Vs. You Vs. Me
Can’t say I imagined I’d have these guys on the list, never mind this high. Prior to this every Finger Eleven has had one or two good songs and a bunch of mediocre ones, but something changed with this one. From the huge hit “Paralyzer” it all seemed different for the band. And upon further listening I realized that this was actually a really good CD. ‘Falling On” and “Them Vs You Vs Me” are great songs and the rest of the album has a great flow to it, and is probably one of the more undersold and under-rated rock albums of the year.

9. Timbaland – Presents: Shock Value
This was a tough CD to place, because for every really incredible song there is a song that is just not up to Timbaland’s own high standards. “Release” “Way I Are” and “Scream” are all countered by tracks like “One & Only” “Time” and “Bombay”. It features a guest on every track but the first one and has already spawned three tracks in the top 3 on the billboard charts with “Scream” due to become the next smash hit. The album does have some flow to it and despite the mediocre Fall Out Boy track, the track with the Hives shows that Rock and Hip Hop can be merged and done right it’s just rare. As a whole the CD is great just has a few more duds then you might expect from one of the most successful and commercial producers of 2007.

8. Beanie Sigel – The Solution
You know its been a good year for CD’s when Beanie is this low. The Solution was one of the later releases this year (though even later releases chart higher) , and shows that the man still has it. The CD is not for radio success by any means and you won’t hear much of it on any mainstream radio, but that’s never been a problem for Beanie before. What’s more interesting is how effective the guest spots are. Rock City lends a great hand on the best song on the CD “Go Low” and the Jigga man drops a verse and chorus on “Gutted”. That’s not to say Beanie needs a guest, as “Hustla, Haze and Highways prove”. The low points on the album are the James Blunt sample “No Bravery” and “All of the Above” with R. Kelly. Although, you’ve got to give credit, anyone who can rap to Black Sabbath and have it somehow not turn terrible has got a lot going for them.

7. Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight
Probably one of the spots where I’ll take the most flack on the list, but I really genuinely like this CD. “What I’ve done” is in my opinion one of Linkin Park’s top songs to date, and Mike has the best linkin Rock/Rap track to date with “Bleed it out” (The video of which sucked) and Linkin shows some genuine thought provoking topics with the final tracks “Little Things Give You Away”. Unfortunately this makes tracks like “Valentines day” and “In Between” seem out of place as neither is very good lyrically or beat wise. I juggled this one all over the list, but I keep listening to it months after release and that says a lot as I can only listen to a few tracks of Meteora right now.

6. Backstreet Boys – Unbreakable
By far the most pleasant surprise album of the year. Who knew what they really needed to get back to their groove in “Millennium” was to drop Kevin Richardson. They write some of the songs, and the pop beats are better then ever. And you never had this in 2007, J.C. Chasez of N’Sync produces “One in a Million” which invokes memory of “Larger then Life” with it’s techno beat. Yet where it truly hits it stride is the slow pop tracks that Backstreet will go down in history for and “Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon” is one of their best. Combined with the also fantastic “Inconsolable” and “Helpless when She Smiles” you’ve got a winning recipe. Backstreet’s back with this one, and because it’s had some success don’t think they won’t be coming back again.

5. Jay – Z – American Gangster
It’s been that sort of a year in rap, where Jay-Z’s return (I’ll pretend Kingdom Come didn’t exist) gets him the 5th spot. Truth is, this album is something special and tells the life story (again) of the Jigga man from beginning to end. Lyrically Jay is back in form and the rhymes are slick and smooth. Former rival Nas delivers a fantastic verse on “Success” and Beanie helps out on one of the album’s best tracks “Ignorant Shi’ite”. There’s nothing exactly wrong with American Gangster, but when you compare to his older stuff like “The Black Album” (one of my favorite CD’s of all time) and The Blueprint (another great CD) it’s hard to put it a lot higher. Especially when you consider the competition. However, one thing’s for the Jigga man is back and it can only mean good things for the rap industry.

4. Wu Tang Clan – 8 diagrams
I have a feeling if I re-did this list six months from now this CD would be a few spots higher, but I can only listen to it so many times in a week (I got it late the same time as the album above it). It’s seems almost incredible that Wu is even back especially since members like Ghostface have had success as a solo MC. It’s hard to even pinpoint which tracks are bad and good as they’re all very well done, though if one track stands out in a packed race I’d pick “The Heart Gently Weeps” or “Life Changes”. --From this point on it becomes a much more personal list as I could see people putting any of the 4 in a lot of different orders and I fully expect most people will disagree with my #1--. 8 Diagrams delivers though and is easily a standout album.

3. Lupe Fiasco – The Cool
This or the #2 album will probably end up being one of the most overlooked albums of the year. From the initial intro track to the end Lupe keeps the beats and flow constant and catchy and delivers his best work by far. The album is not a short one coming in at about 70 minutes. Yet somehow it never really drags as it flows from track to track excellently. Considering the album barely made it for 2007 it’s a must listen to album. It shows range from his slower tracks “Intruder Alert” to the fast paced “Go Gadget Flow” the latter of which unfortunately doesn’t sample the theme song for Inspector Gadget. Another victim of coming out late though, as it hasn’t had enough time to grow on me, but in it’s limited time I love it and glad to see more legitimate good rappers further emerging, hopefully they’ll bury crap like Soulja Boy (how bad Soulja Tell’em is merits it’s own column).

2. Chamillionaire – Ultimate Victory
Where to start? A rap album without cursing and it doesn’t suck, wait what? I had this album at the top spot but it’s my opinion and which album I like the most so it dropped. Though truth be told if I reviewed both Chamillionaire would outscore the champ. But enough, Ultimate Victory is amazing in so many different ways. And after many play throughs the only track I don’t like is “Rockstar” which is just disappointing. But the hilarious “Industry Groupie” and the intelligent “Morning News” and “Evening News” way overcome one bad track. Every other song is fantastic in it’s own ways and I can’t say enough good things about the CD. It was undersold and that’s a travesty as it’s exactly what the industry needed, intelligent, catchy, smart, and clean. The fact that it’s so good without swearing is evidence to the lyrical skills of Chamillionaire. Outside of Rockstar I have no faults with the album at all.

1. Kanye West - Graduation
And here comes the flack, but here me out. I honestly think this is Kanye’s best effort yet and that says a lot. Plus this is my list and the CD’s been out since August and I still can’t stop listening to it. And it’s an album that truly grows on you every time you listen to it. And it seems when I listen to it I find a new favorite track. Recently I’ve begun to like “The Glory” which I really didn’t like the first times through. “Flashing Lights” is another standout track and one of the better beats of the year. “Big Brother” is one of the most meaningful rap tracks of the year even if it bends the truth slightly. “Stronger” is probably my favorite song of the year, and “I Wonder” has one of the most arrogant lines of the year, yet you expect no less from Kanye at this point. “You say I think I’m never wrong, you know what, maybe you’re right”. But can you blame for it? He crushed 50 Cent and outsold his brother Jay-Z. I loved Graduation and unlike Late Registration, which wears on you after listen, this one gets better after every listen.

In response to NFL Blitz Week 15, The Bucaneers were 0-16 during their expansion year and were actually 0-26 until Beating the Saints on the road and Arizona at home. Miami will probably finish 1-15 as they finish against New England and Cincinnati. Hiring Bill Parcells was a smart move, though you have to feel bad for Arthur Blank whose now had Vick, Petrino, and Parcells lie to him.

Pittsburgh V St. Louis - Pittsburgh
Dallas V Carolina - Dallas
Philadelphia V New Orleans - Philadelphia
New York G V Buffalo - New York G
Green Bay V Chicago - Green Bay
Cleveland V Cincinnati - Cleveland
Kansas City V Detroit - Detroit
Houston V Indianapolis - Indianapolis
Oakland V Jacksonville - Jacksonville
Tampa Bay V San Francisco - Tampa Bay
Atlanta V Arizona - Arizona
Baltimore V Seattle - Seattle
New York J V Tennessee - Tennessee
Miami V New England - New England
Washington V Minnesota - Minnesota
Denver V San Diego - San Diego

Last Week: 8-8
Overall: 137-86

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Title: NFL Blitz Week 15
Posted: December 18, 2007 (03:00 PM)
For those who commented on yesterday's post I realize the Stats were out of date as that was typed after Week 14 which was last week and the Dolphins were still winless. The Colts comment was a joke for the record, just a shot at everyone who think New England is the only team who puts up huge numbers. Sorry if it offended anyone. And Yes it was the right play to go for 2 yesterday, although I'll admit I was rooting for the underdog raiders since now one gave them half a shot in that game.

now onward to this weeks stuff:

Stats of the Week:

1. Prior to yesterday Matt Stover had never missed a field goal in overtime
2. For the first time in 18 games Tony Romo did not pass for a TD
3. Ironically, Tom Brady did not pass for a TD either
4. In the past two weeks Terell Owens has 5 receptions for 57 yds and 0 TDs
5. Brett Favre has the most career yards in the history of the NFL
6. The week that former offensive co-ordinator of San Diego Cam Cameron won the former defensive co-ordinator lost
7. New England is the second ever team to go 19-0
8. Eugene Wilson was the 21st different Patriot to score a TD this year. Another record for the Patriots.
9. Drew Brees completed 87% of his passes in the victory over Arizona.
10. Eli Manning threw for 34 incompletions and completed 35% of his passes. Ouch.

Thoughts, Questions, and what were they thinking moments:

1. Brian Westbrook. Good thing I had already won the week for the most part in fantasy. Smart play, hope you don't start yourself in any Fantasy league.
2. No, Brain Billick did the right thing kicking the field goal. Matt Stover and injuries to Chris McCallister, Samari Rolle, and Ray Lewis cost the Ravens the win.
3. Donovan McNabb. If your going to mock a TD celebration then man up to T.O. and say to the press you took a shot at him. How's he going to defend himself he had two total receptions and fell on the game clinching INT.
4. Gotta think Green Bay matches up with New England the best. Better pass rush and better CBs then Indianapolis or Dallas and some nasty looking 5 WR spreads. Be a heck of a shootout in the superbowl.
5. Hats off to Phil Dawson for booting it 48 yards in the snow, remeber a few years ago when Vanderjagt missed a kick the same distance in a dome for the Colts?
6. Just wondering, but what really happened to Marvin Harrison knee, I don't care how old you are it doesn't take 2 months to recover from a bruise.
7. Tough year for Brady Quinn, drops like a rock in the draft and now is on clipboard duty for the foreseeable future with the way Derek Anderson is playing.
8. Was that really Jamal Lewis getting 164 yds rushing. He must feel like its 2004 all over again.
9. Gotta love Mike Tomlin's honesty. I cant think of that many categories off the top of my head, nevermidn that many categories to improve on.
10. Oh and Dallas I'm not sure if anyone told you, but your not New England and you have two great runners, when your QB struggles you should try more then 14 running plays.

The Un-watch, top 5 - Bottom 5, and MVPs of the week:

This week was a bad one in the un-watch as the Dolphins overcame the fact they are as a good as LSU and beat the Ravens in OT. Greg Camirillo and a missed Matt Stover field goal ended all hopes of an 0-16 season the same year as a potential 16-0 season. Next up for the now Win Filled Dolphins a team still on the "un-watch" the...

New England Patriots who fought through the rain and snow to overcome the New York Jets 20-10. Tom Brady looked human and Laurence maroney stepped it up in his game with 26 carries for 104yds and the lone offensive touchdown in the contest. Next Up for the patriots as mentioned is Miami in cold Foxoboro and then facing the seemingly terrible New York Giants who probably flinch at the words "broken Fibula".

Bottom 5:

32 - Miami - Yes they won and my hats off to them for it. But 1-13 is a dismal record.
31 - Atlanta Falcons - Self explanatory. Another Miami win in the final two weeks and this team will drop to the bottom
30 - New York Jets - Back to Chad. Half to take a re-do on this season.
29 - St. louis Rams - There's the Steven Jackson of last year. If they stay healthy next year this could be a very potent offence.
28 - San Francisco 49ers - Hey look there's Frank Gore, but I cant be sold on Shaun Hill.

Top 5:

5 - Jacksonville Jaguars - They just beat Pittsburgh playing Pittsburgh football
4 - Dallas Cowboys - Two bad games in a row. Beaten at home by rival Philadelphia. Costly.
3 - Indianapolis Colts - Can't put them at two with a close call against Oakland and without more knowledge on Marvin Harrison
2 - Green Bay Packers - They get better every week and this is a lethal group of receivers
1 - New England Patriots - No they won't rest their starters. Belichick wants to win with a perfect season.

MVP's of the week:

Greg Camirillo WR, Miami Dolphins - Saved the season of futility
Phil Dawson K, Cleveland Browns - 48 yards in the snow But which is the better or cooler kick - Off the back bar against Baltimore or this one?
Brian Westbrook RB, Philadelphia Eagles - Smart guy, Smarter linemen. Game clinching play
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Title: NFL Blitz Week 14
Posted: December 17, 2007 (06:07 PM)
Stats of the Week:

1. In his first season as Patriot, Randy Moss has the second most TD’s caught in a season in NFL history.
2. No one seems to be accusing Indianapolis of running up the score. Funny how that works.
3. Adrian Peterson was healthy and had 3 yds rushing.
4. New England had 2 rushing plays the entire second half, excluding the 4yd scramble by Brady.
5. Detroit was the first team to rush for over 100 yards on the Cowboys. And had they, on first and 10 from the Dallas twenty run the ball even once, they would’ve won. Or if there Kicker had hit a basic 35yd field goal.
6. Dick Lebeau’s exotic blitzing yielded a net of 0 sacks against Brady.
7. Steven Gostowski attempted 3 field goals for the first time all season
8. Trent Edwards through for 4 TD’s against Miami. He had 1 going into the contest.
9. Trent Edwards a third round pick in the draft, is 5-1 this year as a starter. Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, and John Beck, all taken above him haven’t won, and in two of the cases haven’t started a game yet.
10. Should Dallas and New England meet in the superbowl, and barring very unlikely losses, we could have a combined record of 37-1 entering the title bout.

Thoughts, Questions, and What Were They Thinking Moments:

1. Down by 5, 4th and 10, under two minutes left, Eric “Mangenius” kicks a field goal. Alright, fine he has three timeouts kick it deep and a 3 and out. Nope, onside kick, Game over.
2. Just pointing out, Philip Rivers and Eli manning are both mediocre records, don’t let their records fool you, neither is very good.
3. Just saying, but is Tony Romo’s story not like Brady’s, only sped up and minus three Superbowls?
4. Well Mike Shanahan, you’ve got a choice to make, Selvin Young or Travis Henry?
5. Why on earth is Anthony Smith biting on a New England play action? Since when do they run the ball?
6. This seems shifty, I hearing their installing a basketball scoreboard at Gillette stadium for the next two weeks.
7. Any chance anyone on the Jets mentioned Spygate this week? I hear New England needs more motivation…
8. Quote of the week : “In a year where New England offense has no regard for down, distance, or score – where offensive co-ordinator Josh McDaniels has apparently deemed the running game as what defenses do after the Patriots catch ball” - Len Pasquerelli ESPN
9. Someone want to tell me the last time almost every division was sewn up with three games to go, and the playoff picture was pretty much crystal clear? The only bumps could come from Cleveland against Buffalo and Pittsburgh and Jacksonville next week.

The “un” watch, Top 5, and Bottom 5:

New England continued there unbeaten season with a confident and relaxed victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, eliminating what many considered the big hurdle on their way to a perfect season. The only reaming games are a pair coming at home against Miami and the New York Jets, as well a finale in New York against the Giants.

Miami added to their unwatchable season by being picked apart by the Buffalo Bills handily and John Beck looked horrendous in doing so. Next up for the hapless Dolphins a team on a losing slide as well in the form of the Baltimore Ravens (4-9). If they can clear this hurdle then they have the Patriots and end on the Bengals who seem to be slowly kind of getting better. Here’s to 0-16 Miami Woo.

Bottom 5:
28. New York Jets – Umm they keep there games close most of the time.
29. St. Louis Rams – When healthy not bad, with Brock Berlin at QB. Yeah.
30. Atlanta Falcons – Roddy White is the lone bright spot on this team
31. San Francisco 49er’s – Whose starting at QB now? Disappointing and terrible
32. Miami Dolphins – Here’s to the top draft pick in the draft!

Top 5:
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Seems that Jack Del Rio knew what he was doing when he kept David Garrard
4. Green Bay Packers- The Gitants called, they want Ryan Grant back.
3. Indianapolis Colts- Still dont trust Anthony Gonzalez, he was a slot #2 receiver in college, and thats where he'll be when Marvin is back.
2. Dallas Cowboys - Two close games (Buffalo/Detroit) against average teams, and two wins. Sounds like the Patriots...
1. New England Patriots - The only remaining regular season question marks, are do they run the ball at all in these last three games and do they go 16-0?
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Title: Movies
Posted: July 17, 2006 (10:05 PM)
Some Movies are good, some movies are bad, nad some just cnat be missed. just a quick compilation of my top 10 movies and movie series of all time.

1. Star Wars- sure episode I and II aren't amazing but the entire series is one of the best
2. Back to the future-funny, witty, and crazy, make for one great trilogy
3. Indiana Jones-please make 4, id otn care that Harrison ford is 64
4.Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead man's chest reaffirmed that this one of the preimere series in movie history. 258 million in 10 days? crazy.
5.Lord of the Rings-i had high hopes, and PJ delivered.
6.Edward Scissorhands-quite possibly the most under-rated movie of all time.
7.Spiderman- 1 & 2 rocked my socks, and 3 is looking even better. Hello venom.
8. The italian Job-probabyl the biggest surprise for most on the list. I liekd how it was witty, and the all the characters are extremely well done, even Mark Wahlberg does good acting.
9. The Matrix-revolutions and reloaded werent all i had hoped for, but still delivered excellent sequels to one o the better movies of all time
10. Amercan Pie-no Band camp please. what would my life be without Jim, Jim's dad, and Stifler? not much.

honorable mentions: Forrest Gump, Harry Potter, Shrek, Ice Age, Toy Story, and Traing Day.
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