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March 27, 2006

Someone made there own music video to the song Over and Over Again. That was a strange thing to do, although the video is actually kind of cool:

For those of you who read this, which is nobody, here's my current stance on their debut album:

Song "The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth": 9/10.
Album: 6/10.

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Genj Genj - March 27, 2006 (02:29 PM)
I'd give the album an 8/10. It had a lot of other great tracks like Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away, Is This Love?, Heavy Metal, In This Home On Ice, and Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood. Plus In This Home On Ice was the best track.

On the other hand, the vocals can get fucking annoying.
gdeluca gdeluca - March 30, 2006 (05:31 PM)
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth definitely stands out at their best track to me, but I don't think there's any track (excluding the intro) that I don't like. It's just not all that memorable.

The CD claims that SoMYCT is the only song on it written together by the entire group, which makes a lot of sense as its the most musical of all the songs. If they were to collaborate together for all of the second album it would probably come out a lot more interesting.

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