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January 22, 2006

I never actually owned Zelda: A Link to the Past back during the SNES days. I played it one way or another and don't remember liking or disliking it all that much, as my memories of the game were vague. I played it recently expecting to like it; I don't encourage SNES bashing for the sole sake of SNES bashing, and I assumed the hate for the game was just a fad. Afterall, the only other bad Zelda game is Wind Waker, and that gave LttP good odds of being a great game.

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The Playstation -- 32 Bits of Underachieving Shit
November 12, 2005

I’ve gotten over the Playstation winning the console war of its time, but it still amuses me that the Playstation is so highly regarded among gamers. Indeed, it did bring 3D gaming to the mainstream, despite the fact that it could barely play 3D games in the first place. The fact that the best games on the system, Castlevania: SotN and Alundra, were 2D sprite games speaks volumes about the system. The Playstation is regarded as the superior system (in comparison to the systems it competed with), but this has everything to do with the fact that it sold more and that most people aren‘t aware of a lot of the great games that were released on the N64 later on. It’s the same reason why most people will claim the SNES was better (it did sell a fair amount more than Sega’s system), de

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Lazy Snow Day
October 26, 2005

I'm thinking about taking down some of my old reviews. My Contra 3 review is especially cringe-worthy.

I've also played a little of Shadow of the Colossus. I'm not sure what I think yet. Part of me knows it's a bad game. Moving to each Colossus consists of roaming dull and barren environments with no purpose except to reach your next objective, complete with frustrating horseback controls.

The battles with the Colussi can be a little frustrating too, but for the most part the idea is cool. I can see it getting boring after a while though if this is going to be the core of the game.

I'll give it some more time though. I don't have the patience to finish most games as of late, and I can see this game falling into that category.


Animation Shit
October 22, 2005

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Volume 4 will be coming out on December 6.

Box art:


Video Ouija
Unremarkable Voyage
Mooninites 3: Remooned
Gee Whiz
Little Brittle
Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning
Dusty Gozongas
T-shirt of the Dead
Spacegate World

Some of these are great, and some aren't (Hypno-germ is probably my least favorite in the entire show). But the good overrides the bad, and some of these are amoung the best in the show. Plus I find Spacecataz funnier than Dr. Weird. So if your a fan of ATHF than this is good news.

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