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forweg Go Derby County!

Title: Scattered Thoughts On Asperger's Syndrome
Posted: January 19, 2012 (03:50 AM)
I will always avoid social situations because they inevitably result in highly negative consequences for me and others. This is not an "excuse". It is learning from past experiences.

Aspies who blame themselves for their persecution are brainwashed fools. Period. They persecute us because they feel threatened. We don't need to change. Society does.


The main negative aspect of Asperger's Syndrome is that society despises you and wants to you to die from the moment you're born. (The Autism Speaks folks mince no words about it.)

So, why would any Aspie wish to assimilate into such a sick society that wishes them dead? It's a cowardly fool's game, both morally and logically bankrupt.


"Aspies don't have emotions...? "

Such demonizing sentiments are not worth dignifying with a response.

However, if one is going to respond, it should be with anger, hatred, and righteous fury, not rambling, mincing, and defending oneself.

Aspies spend too much time on the defensive. We need to go on the offensive.


"Asperger's Syndrome And Romance"

...is a mistake. If you're an Aspie male and somehow find yourself with opportunity to get into a relationship, don't do it. I doubt I'll ever get such an opportunity, but if I do, I'll decline. It will end in disaster 99 times out of a hundred.

The only reason an Aspie male would be presented with such an opportunity is to be taken advantage of.


"Asperger's Men and Relationships"

You see, I've accepted involuntary celibacy long ago. I don't fret over it whatsoever.

All I wish for is peace and quiet in my solitude. But people don't even give me that.

In modern society, all single men are treated with suspicion and contempt. Did you know they've banned single men from parks in Britain? California is considering similar measures.

I can't even stay in my house without being harassed. Truly, anti-Asperger's sentiment and misandry are highly interconnected.


I have an overwhelming amount of hatred in my heart.

Justified hatred.

I have an overwhelming amount of anger in my heart.

Justified anger.

I have an overwhelming amount of bitterness in my heart.

Justified bitterness.

These may be negative words, but they are not "bad" words. If I can use these feelings to help fulfill my current goals in life, then there's no problem, is there? What this society has given me in life, should I not give back?
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