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Forums > Submission Feedback > Ping5000's Metroid Prime 3: Corruption review

This thread is in response to a review for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the Wii. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: zippdementia
Posted: January 10, 2009 (12:17 AM)
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Ah, the Prime series. One of the few reasons I cry at night over having sold my Wii and all my gamecube games. Zelda would probably be another reason. Resident Evil a distant third.

Anyways, I need to write a review of this game. I didn't like it as much as you did, but that's why I want to write my own review.

As for your review, it's a little disjointed at times, or sometimes goes back on its own assertions (for instance, in one paragraph you say it's not that great graphically, another you sing it's graphical praises) but one paragraph nails it:

"If there's one major point of criticism, it's how you're constantly being guided by an AU. The AU constantly provides objectives, and while that does keep things going at a brisk pace, it does pretty much destroy the sense going at it alone. Rarely will the AU ever give you the chance to figure out where to use your new upgrade, the AU will just tell you. It also destroys any sense of isolation, of going at it alone. You're constantly being watched over, for better and for worse."

Yes yes yes yes yes. I couldn't figure out forever what that nagging at the back of my mind was due to, but this was it. This is what really ruined Corruption for me.

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Author: dagoss
Posted: January 10, 2009 (01:05 PM)
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I think it ruined Corruption -- corrupted it, if you will -- for a lot of people, myself included.

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