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Forums > Submission Feedback > Lewis's A Vampyre Story review

This thread is in response to a review for A Vampyre Story on the PC. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: wolfqueen001
Posted: December 11, 2008 (01:04 PM)
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This is a good review, Lewis. You leave me both wanting to play it to see what you're talking about and wanting to avoid it because it seems too tedious and boring. And despite your efforts to reassure me that the game really is brilliant in places and might be worth a go if I had the patience for it, I still feel mostly negative-to-neutral about it. I guess it's just one of those things that you have to experience to get at the real meaning of what you're talking about. Though I will admit to feeling pretty positive about the game after reading the articles and hearing EmP's enthusiasm for it.

I think he really wanted to play this, too...

Anyway, do they really swear in French? Haha. That's hilarious. If so, is it anything "serious" like "fuck" or "shit"? or just the milder ones? I don't know why that amuses me.

Oh, and if you want a good example of brilliant episodic releases, you should play Sam & Max. I've only played one so far (it's all I had time for really), but it was freaking hilarious. EmP's played them all, though, and I don't think he rated a single one below 8. (Read his reviews! =D)

[Eating EmP's brain] probably isn't a good idea. I mean... He's British, which means his brain's wired for PAL and your eyes are NTSC. - Will

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Author: Lewis
Posted: December 11, 2008 (03:17 PM)
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I enjoyed the recent Sam & Max iterations but they weren't a patch on the originals. Maybe my standards are too high. I can't think of a comedy adventure game I've truly loved since Grim Fandango. Except maybe Broken Sword 3 (ouch at the five-year-old Resolution-mark-one review), but that was fucking horrible to control, sapping much of the fun. Too many crates too.

Regarding the swearing, there's nothing too heavy. It's odd. There are frequent "what the heck?"-s, but the game basically says "bitch" once ("Controlled by a witch, then controlled by a bit-" "AHEM!"), and McFrenchy shouts "Merde!" on two or three occasions.

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