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This thread is in response to a review for Double Dungeons on the TurboGrafx-16. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: zippdementia
Posted: November 10, 2008 (11:11 AM)
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You know, you're totally right. A couple months after playing this game with my girlfriend, we broke up. No joke. Double Dungeons ruined my five year relationship. I think the giant W stands for "warning."

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Author: aschultz
Posted: July 15, 2009 (09:15 PM)
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Zounds! Zippdementia, I didn't realize Double Dungeons was THAT bad. Nothing so tragic happened to me.

Dagoss, this game gave Double Dungeons the thrashing it deserved, but you left out a reason why someone would play that game. I got a $20 bounty from GameFAQs as I think it was one of the games on the Wii Turbografx-16 emulator. I was fortunately able to hack maps of where monsters were. For level 22 I had more fun meshing ReyVGM's map with the monster locations to create a big detailed map.

It still worked out to under $1 an hour to play the game.

But my maps and FAQ got, like, 30 hits per day for a while!

P.S. I also apologize for not saying what you should do when the game says "THINK" in my walkthrough. Also I forgot all those "what were they thinking" moments too. My attention to detail is obviously not as great as I think it is.

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