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Forums > Contributor Zone > Review of the Week -- July 20-26 -- This RotW made me use 99% of my power

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Author: Masters (Mod)
Posted: August 10, 2020 (05:57 PM)
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This latest late RotW from me is very late, as was my second to last late one, but that one was likely later, so this late one is not the latest I've submitted, even lately.



Grandia, by Joe

This is a fantastic review. I don't love RPGs but Joe's review makes me want to play Grandia. That's saying a lot. He also manages to convince me that even though Grandia is fraught with cliches, it's a wonderful play that succeeds despite and because of the way it embraces and handles its tropes. This kind of thing could have imploded the review in the hands of a lesser talent. Kudos.


Beyond A Steel Sky, by Emp

Another great review, which finds Gary thriving in his wheelhouse as Joe did in his. It's no small feat the way he makes simple point-and-clickers sound so open-ended and wondrous and full of adventure and possibility. Gary takes the time to establish his knowledge of the genre and canon, making connections fans will appreciate while maintaining readability for newbs like me.


Horizon Zero Dawn, by Rob

What's with all these great reviews? Rob throws his hat in the ring with this AAA title review which has a weird second sentence, but takes off from there in fantasy storybook-like form, pulling me right into the game's world before pretty smoothly transitioning into talk of game mechanics. The review is a bit long and does lose some steam in its second half compared to the excellence of the story rundown of the first, but this is a notable review.


Two Crude Dudes, by pickhut

What an awesome opening sentence. Pick continues the trend here with another stellar write up which starts better than any other of the week (or in recent history for that matter). Things do cool off after that, and the review to my mind misses a great opportunity to compare it to other, more well known single-plane beat-em-ups like Kung Fu Master, Vigilante and Bad Dudes (the latter of which was the target of this game’s ridicule, if I’m not mistaken>). The review also feels like it goes from awesome premise and culture talk to mechanics a little abruptly, and likewise ends somewhat suddenly too.

Super Double Dragon, by CptRetroBlue

This review is definitely not one of Retro’s best efforts. The first sentence starts off with a typo (the third word appears to be missing), and comes out of nowhere, without any setup. We’re just dropped into a rant – a fun, and knowing rant, but a rant all the same – in mid-complaint. Probably Retro didn’t really edit this one carefully or at all, because it’s not up to his usual standards and reads a bit like a rushed blog entry. The points he makes are worthwhile, but they’re not presented on par with his typical standard of work.

And that's all folks. See you in six months. Or slightly sooner.

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Author: honestgamer (Mod)
Posted: August 10, 2020 (08:13 PM)
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Thanks for the topic, Marc. I always look forward to your topics because I think you do a great job of looking at reviews in terms of what the writer was hoping to achieve, rather than seeing how each one adheres to a particular ideal you might personally have in mind. I think that leads to some especially helpful comments and helps justify the wait a bit if the topic runs slightly late. I wish I'd been in the running this time around. It was a great week!

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Author: pickhut
Posted: August 11, 2020 (04:08 AM)
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Thanks for the comments, Masters.

Two Crude Dudes is a game I've been meaning to review for a long while now, especially since I discovered the flaw of its throw button in my last playthrough of the game, but I always pushed it off. However, when I decided to reread the Genesis manual's interpretation of the plot, I was like, "Oh, I guess I have to do this now." Though, I guess I could have made a better effort blending those two aspects together, because after the opening paragraph, I just went into how I originally intended the review to flow.

Anyway, congrats to the top placers and Joe for RotW!

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Author: overdrive (Mod)
Posted: August 12, 2020 (12:26 PM)
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Thanks for the words and placement. This was a fun game to play and review, which probably tied into the length. Kept coming up with things to say, so I was at the point where it was getting long, I had more to say and had to find things to cut to fit more in.

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: August 15, 2020 (06:44 AM)
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This is a late reply because it took me a while to choke down my all-devouring RAGE at this blatant snub.

Kidding aside I've been wiped out this week; this is the first time I've spent more than a passing browse on site since I posted mt own RotW. Thanks for the kind word and getting the topic out. I know these things can be a real drain so thanks for hanging in there.

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: JoeTheDestroyer (Mod)
Posted: August 15, 2020 (11:59 AM)
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Thank you for the topic, the victory and the critique! I'm glad this review went over well. Congrats as well to EmP and OD for placing.

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