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Forums > Contributor Zone > Review of the Week July 13 - 19: Way overdue, blame my employers and Devolver Digital.

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Author: JoeTheDestroyer (Mod)
Posted: July 25, 2020 (11:16 PM)
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Between working hard and falling asleep almost the instant I got home and forcing myself to stay awake so I can play Carrion, I wasn't able to complete my huge ROTW consisting of a whopping three reviews (yes I see that holdover, OD).

Carrion is fantastic, review forthcoming.

Regions of Ruin is not so fantastic, but a review is coming for that regardless.

Dogurai was almost fantastic, and will also be reviewed. I don't think I have anything else to talk about right now, and I won't bore you with my Pokemon GO experience today, which ended with me nabbing twelve new shinies, so...


CRB's Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
This is a solid review that gives plenty of info on the game. Though I played (and actually finished) the original Golden Axe, I don't think I've ever touched this one. Your descriptions of the characters told me I should probably MAME it at some point.

I don't really have too much to add. It's a bit of a dry read at some points, but it's otherwise a solid piece.

Overdrive's Mahjong Tales

I will say that this is one of the best Mahjong reviews I've read. I haven't read many, but out of those few I think I enjoyed this one the most. You gave a lot of great detail and incorporated some criticism that pertains to the real world. Why play a game like this, on a pretty much dead system, when modern tech provides cheaper, easier-to-use facsimiles of that experience?

EmP's WWF Wrestlemania
Ugh, this game... I wanted to review this, but dragged my feet because I don't want to play it again. I probably will at some point, but I mean, come on! Are you a wrestling game? Are you a fighting game? For the love of God, pick one genre to suck at!

Soap box over.

There are a few typos in there, but so what? Like a lot of your other reviews, this one was entertaining, flowed nicely and oozed personality. I liked the bit about Yokozuna and the salt and fish, because WTAF? At least you played this and not WWF In Your House, which is exactly like this title, except: A) a few more wrestlers, B) almost no soundtrack, and C) slower. But hey, it has Owen Hart, Goldust and Vader.


That's all I got.

The only thing my milkshake brings to the yard is a subpoena.

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Author: overdrive (Mod)
Posted: July 26, 2020 (08:05 AM)
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Thanks for the kind words and placement. Out of fairness to Mahjong Tales, it is available via PS Now, so it's on a dead system, but emulated to one that's alive. But yeah, rekindling my Mahjong-ing led me to download a phone game to play on the road and that made me think "Why would I want to play it with a controller on a TV when this is the sort of game that's made for touch-screen action?"

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