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Author: CptRetroBlue
Posted: April 22, 2020 (06:18 PM)
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Not too long ago the site seemingly was "missing" along with an "500 ERROR" showing. This happening hours after a questionable comment left at one of my blog posts made by a spam account seemingly created by the same types of unruly kids who have been attacking me online. The account in question can be found here:

Spam account

This account serves no other purpose than to spam this site and to continue their attack on me so I do hope staff here gets to do something about it.

Other wise I do hope the reason why this site was gone for a while wasn't their doing, but being that this seems more than a coincidence and the fact that they had HACKED accounts of mine as of late, I will state they probably tried to do the same here.

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Author: honestgamer (Mod)
Posted: April 23, 2020 (03:06 PM)
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The site periodically goes down due to an issue I haven't yet been able to resolve, and the timing is likely a coincidence in this case.

Happily, the site usually can be brought back online within a couple of minutes, provided I am available to flip the right virtual switch. I was offline for the last few days and couldn't do that. My online access should be returning to a more stable state potentially as early as this coming Monday, though a lot of things are up in the air as I continue a move that likely won't be properly complete until the end of the month.

Regarding the account you referenced, it appears to have been created for the sole purpose of responding to one of your blog posts, which calls out a community leader at a site unrelated to HonestGamers. While I don't think the account appears likely to productively participate in the future here at HonestGamers, responding to your post doesn't seem like abuse of that account (nor does its hostile tone seem like a surprise, given that you have called out that other community and its members).

The account will not be deleted at this time, but if the account holder gives you grief in the future without being provoked, the account may be banned at that time. This is a unique situation and I will monitor it as possible. In the meantime, I would advise against calling people out if you are not interested in seeing them respond. Whatever disputes you might have with people on other sites around the Internet, I would very much prefer that they not be ignited here.

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - John F. Kennedy on reality

"What if everything you see is more than what you see--the person next to you is a warrior and the space that appears empty is a secret door to another world? What if something appears that shouldn't? You either dismiss it, or you accept that there is much more to the world than you think. Perhaps it really is a doorway, and if you choose to go inside, you'll find many unexpected things." - Shigeru Miyamoto on secret doors to another world

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Author: CptRetroBlue
Posted: April 24, 2020 (06:19 PM)
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Excuse me? Being provoked? Calling out?

You refer to all this as if it was against your site on posting about bullies attacking others online whether it happens here or not, something that is pretty much an unprofessional way to look at things.

I know you replaced a few words to try not to make it seem as uncaring as it did before but this comes out the same way either way, being that you CHOSE NOT to do anything about said bullies creating spam accounts just to start ATTACKING me here. May I REMIND you that these people weren't even PART of your site, something I am sure you were well informed about, but you choose to let them keep those accounts with an empty promise about them doing anything else "unless being provoked," which comes out as a way of stating you simply do not care about handling bullying on your site by any means.

You are telling me such attacks as this that was quoted from them isn't an issue. I am sure anyone reading it might disagree with you-

"We simply googled your username and other accounts and we discovered numerous doxxes that already been made about you from other people because you were discovered to be an online predator and pedophile."

Am I to believe these insults and slanders denouncing me in such ways isn't harassment then?

I will also remind you that I was not "calling out" anything, I talked about some of my sites being HACKED by these bullies just as well, showing the CYBERCRIMINAL ACTIVITY they pulled on me. Why would this be a bad thing to you. The cause of all this was on a discord devoted to some guy calling himself justin whang, which I am sure is a GOOD thing to announce just so others are aware of what type of individuals wanders within it. Again, why would this be something bad in your case to know.

Not only you chose not do react at the time appropriately about it, you and some others who manage this site also chose to ignore me in places like TWITTER when I tried contacting you about it to keep it private if that was the way you wanted it, as well as other members of STAFF here who either did the same, or turned their backs on me once one of them contacted me to help about the matter in hand. But I am glad to see how this site handles such cases of bullying and harassment. Don't expect me to be agreeable nor forget about it.

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