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Forums > Contributor Zone > RotW // 30th October Ė 5th November // The Last of the Horror Reviews

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: November 06, 2017 (05:55 AM)
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Octoberís done, so no more daily horror reviews for us. It doesnít show much, considering thereís still 14 reviews in this block to work through. But one of those is mine, so weíll look forward to Rob forgetting it next week. Which means thereís 13. With both Bouchart and Zyd with the duplicates. Very well; onwards!

Team Almost:

I suspect Jason was expecting this criticism, so here we go: your review felt so bloody lopsided; a little less than half the wordcount went towards complaints and just because you spent half a paragraph telling the reader theyíre not big deals does not mean that if you write a 5/5 review where half of it is negative, it doesnít stop feeling like it has no right to be 5/5. If the game had so much more going for it, then why have you not spent more time talking about that? I know youíre invested in ďpeople lose interest after X amount of wordsĒ, but thatís not an excuse to produce such an unbalanced review.

Of Bouchart's two reviews, I preferred Shadow: War of Succession. Not only because we should be occasionally reminded that the 3DO was a thing. It makes a big statement that it's an awful, awful game that goes about talking about it. Still, it does feel quite segmented, only enforced by "the music is" statement thrown in near the end. It's a great choice of game to write about, though.

There was a weird vibe to Overdriveís review; I think it was that he made it a review theme that heís desperate to find a game worthy of the Kirby name, then plays critical success, Kirbyís Epic Yarn, some seven years after release. It was a shame that this was what you launched the review with because other parts of it - the talk about Prince Fluff and the Nintendo-approved highjacking of new IPs to superglue their trademarked mascots on especially - were very well written and interesting to read.

I can find little to really fault in Joeís P.T. review. Other than the fact that itís a review of an interactive trailer and thus doesnít really give him a lot to talk about. Also, Iím still mad at him for indirectly making me replay Illumination. Screw that guy.

Hastyís Costume Quest was too late to make the Project Horror rota, but is really stiffly written. Also, who outside of really bad newspaper editors says Ďrompí? The review gets across your thoughts on the game well, but it feels very forced; like you were writing this at gunpoint. Which, ironically, is the only way Double Fine are able to generate good press exposure these days. Those kickstart scamming scoundrels.

Pickhut came especially close to breaking the top three and his picking apart of a collection title with a lame collection did about as much as it could with a collection title. Taking shots at the title for being a crap collection was a given, but some of the other shots showed a good series knowledge. Like the restrictions of freedoms once considered a Mega Man staple. But not how the collections uses the inferior PSX MM8 rather than the studly Saturn version. Boo! Boo to you.

THIRD Nights of Azure 2: Bridge of the New Moon [PC] by Zachary Walton

This certainly pushed its way into the top three past some equally worthy reviews, and it certainly had itís own share or wobbles. Thereís a few very stiff sounding lines, and saying things like ďAs far as general gameplay goesĒ is beneath you! But you make a game (and even a series) Iíve never heard of sound like something I really should play. You do this this through an infectious open enthusiasm. Itís an important part of the review because, without it, Azure 2 might have just sounded like another ARPG. But you make sure it doesnít. And now I want you to review the first game.

SECOND Destiny 2 [PC] Zydrate

This is the best review Iíve read from you in some time. It keeps the blog-y conversational tone you usually write in, but it retains a focus on the subject matter and rarely gets distracted. For one, it moves from talking point to talking point naturally, leading into new topics rather than just jumping to the thing you think you should be talking about next.

Itís a real info dump of a review, as well. Thereís a lot going on in Destiny 2 and you cover a lot of it using a lot of words. Sometimes this drags reviews down, but you manage to keep this lively enough that it doesnít feel as long as it is. Considering I have 13 reviews to read and comment on today, thatís pretty solid. The paragraph about microtransactions was well handled; thereís a lot of industry hate around their overuse at the moment - with good reason -- so going to bat for them in this instance needed to be well explained. And it was.

If Iím going to bitch about something (and I am; got a rep to protect) you spend a lot of time talking about what youíd heard the first game to be like, which is a lot of words to throw at third hand information you canít confirm. The reader knows itís hearsay so isnít going to invest in that intro - itís dangerous grounds to invite skim reading right at the start. But I think the rest of the review is strong enough to bring focus back in.

WIN Raiden V [PC] by Masters

Iíve always liked the Raiden series when Iíve played them (even if I managed to trick myself into believing there wasnít a PSX collection of the first two games, despite the fact I own it) but Iíve always viewed Raiden as a solid shooter collection that never managed to drop that one awesome game that defined the series. I was hoping V would be it. Itís a shame it isnít.

Still, the reason I like this review is because itís not dismissive of the strengths the game and the series does show. This isnít a poor game, itís just not a great one and the way you tackle this is to display that you have a knowledge and appreciation for the genre (Iíd make a crack at people hating on you for the Darius dig, but Iíve never met a Darius fan) and translate that strongly enough into your writing to make your review all the more creditable. Iíll end up buying this game; I know I will - itís the kind of release I want to support - and even though youíve not gushed endless praise on Raiden V, youíve still praised it enough to make me feel confident on that eventual purchase.

Itís hard to do, you know? The middle of the road reviews where you canít really praise but canít really bash. This is a very good example of 3/5 done well.

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: pickhut
Posted: November 06, 2017 (07:32 AM)
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EmP is a Cut Man and Wood Man fan, confirmed.

But thanks for the comments about the collection. It was a loaded week, so it was fun seeing what the placements turned out to be. Congrats to Masters on the RotW!

I head spaceshit noises.

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Author: hastypixels
Posted: November 06, 2017 (08:36 AM)
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I guess I'm trying to find the balance between "I'm a critic, but also a person" when I've played a game I'm not invested in personally. There's no mistaking the latter are my best works. I enjoyed Firewatch far more than Virginia, but they're both of equal quality.

Ah! That's the word I'm looking for. "Quality." Thanks for the feedback.

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: November 06, 2017 (09:01 AM)
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This week was a huge headache. Only a couple of hours later I'm looking at the thing and thinking "I should have put X in that place and should have never left Y out" Blurgh.

Still, my headache is the site's win. A very fine week for reviews.

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: Zydrate
Posted: November 06, 2017 (11:06 AM)
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I mention in one of my reviews (forgot which) that I am actually educated and well aware of the fact that giving disclaimers in the beginning of things is bad form. I learned this in college (that I failed) in the context of speech-giving and I've actually forgotten what the logic behind it even was. I guess you don't want to start a speech of on a negative note or say something to immediately negate some of your credibility. It makes sense, but I prefer my readers to be on the same page that I am.

But yea, thank you for the placement! I always enjoy reading commentary on my stuff and wish it happened more often, whether I place on a weekly reward rollout or not. (Hint hint people, comment on my stuff!)

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Author: overdrive (Mod)
Posted: November 06, 2017 (01:39 PM)
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I'd say that to be fair, the amount of time it took to get to Epic Yarn had more to do with my reluctance to buy a Wii until I could get one for about $70 due to the other systems of the time having overall superior libraries combined with NOT having goofy control gimmicks like Nintendo's more modern systems with their motion controls, 3D screens and touch controls.

But after getting the Wii, it was about a year before I bought Epic Yarn and two before I played it. I blame the SNES Kirby games for that. Super Star was a collection of short games ranging from forgettable to good, while Dream Land 3 was just way too annoying to 100% with how you had to do something special in every damn level. Which put me in a position where I felt hope and anticipation on one hand, but in the other, I had nothing but that sense of knowing I'd be disappointed somehow because every Kirby game besides Adventure has done that to me to some degree.

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