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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: September 02, 2017 (11:00 AM)
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You bastards. Decide this week is going to be the one to crawl back in numbers, huh? I see how it is; like I donít have enough to be doing. Thereís 12 reviews this week, but one of them is mine, so we wait to see if Nightfire belongs on the Forgetful Rob or Perfect Jerec side for the spectrum, while I sit and read all these reviews. Grumble.

THIRD Dragon Age: Origin [PS3] Joe

This has the wonderful makings of a running joke Ė letís make fun of a spacing error:

You'll need to trust your troops, becauseDragon Age

You pick an angle for this review which does work, but Iím not convinced itís as unique as you try and make it sound. Itís pretty standard Bioware/ Bethesda fare. Okay, the cycling intros for your character are actually pretty cool, Iíll give you that much.

Still, it works well as a centre to talk about Dragon Age in a review that zips by despite spacing errors until you get to the glitch paragraph which is certainly important but does kind of come out of nowhere. Still, itís an important bit of information to offer, and I donít see how I would integrate it any better myself Ė so, moving on!

Do enjoy the second gameÖ

Second Firewatch [PC] by HasteyPixels

It was only the beginning of the year you were plodding through conveyor-belt produced section reviews, and now youíre throwing out narrative-driven, seamless efforts like this. If I had the capacity for positive emotions, why, I might even feel proud.

This review is a series of short paragraphs that would normally feel choppy and awkward to read, but you use them to navigate through a meta-narration of less so what Firewatch does, but what it tries to do to you. Itís ambitious, and has the potential to flop hard, but you write it very strongly and it almost all works. It falters a little bit when you fall back on the obligatory talks of game mechanics. But youíve gone and set yourself a bar now; this is the best thing Iíve read from you yet.

WIN Hellblade [PS4] by Fiddlesticks

Fiddleís very quickly becoming that voice in the back of my head that tells me to stop being a pretentious Indie PC gamer and to come back to the big AAA games. Heís written a lot of very good reviews for big releases I should really buckle down a bit and play.

Hellblade is an odd kind of game, but you absolutely sell its unique merits. The permadeath, the way it abuses its chosen media to show the characterís mental anguish. Even when you talk about some of the ways in which it becomes a middling game, you let your talk of it being an excellent experience instead helps the reader overlook that. Thatís what really sold me.

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: Fiddlesticks
Posted: September 02, 2017 (03:21 PM)
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Awesome, thanks! A lot of solid work was submitted this week so it feels nice to come out on top.

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Author: hastypixels
Posted: September 05, 2017 (08:40 PM)
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Wow! Second place. Sky's the limit now... y'know it felt so dang awkward talking about the mechanics, and I'm not quite sure how I could have done it better. Seeing has how it was part of the storytelling, I thought they needed some attention.

I guess I'll find out how to do it better when I do it. Go figure that.

Thanks again. :)

A Sega Ages joke would take me forever to figure out.

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