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Forums > Contributor Zone > RotW // 26th June -- 2nd July // The After-Tourney Burn-Out Edition

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: July 04, 2017 (11:46 AM)
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Last week poor Jerec caught the brunt of our first site tourney in about a year. This week, I reap the rewards of a run-down writing base sticking to their principles of submitting everything at the last minute or signing up and then never turning up. Thereís a reasonable number of reviews to go through this week, but most of them are via Zydrate as she makes a very healthy attempt to take over the site and claim the front page as her very own.

THIRD Starbound [PC] by HastyPixels

Losing points for trying to trick people into wasting their time and brain cells on Jimquisition.

Itís a good review, but it has a fair few organisational issues. Thereís no real cohesive structure, so the review jumps jarringly from point to point. Some of those points serve no purpose other than to serve as needless fluff. Thereís nothing wrong with going off tangents from time to time Ė which is just as well, because itís all I know Ė but we donít really need to know about how you werenít interested in the game but your nephew revived interest. Other things, like the constant call call-backs to early access feel like they should go somewhere but never really do. Does the game feel buggy and unfinished? You never make it really sound that way. Was it in early access for a long time? No idea! It feels like youíre setting up for a big point that never comes along.

It feels like Iíve done nothing but bag on this review, so letís continue that. The paragraph where you list every race is kind of unnecessary and comes across as a clumsy list, mainly because itís a clumsy list. Maybe, instead, just focus on a handful and talk about the differences or note that they all just play the same and itís all cosmetics. Thatís another bit of information I wouldnít mind having.

I genuinely think youíre getting a lot better quite fast, especially since you dropped that sectioned approach, so tightening up organisation by keeping things like this in mind

SECOND Life is Strange [PC] Zydrate

After she flooded the site, there was a mini contest of sorts pitting Zyd vs Zyd, (which Zyd won). I thought her Life is Strange review was her clear winner despite having some issues. There are some redundancies, but thatís to be expected with her ramble-heavy approach so Iíll just point out that her opening paragraph goes nowhere.

Still, itís an interesting discussion of Life is Strange that kind of fails as a review considering your target audience is people who have yet to play the game and you talk at length about the ending. But thatís okay; I beat the game (I let Chloe die. And Iíd do it again!) I didnít really catch a lot of the outrage, but I can see why people would be upset with the twin endings that completely overwrite every choice you made one way or the other. Especially since some of those choices worked so well.

Youíre right to take the lip syncing to task, though I didnít mind that half as much as the awful stealth segment forced into the last chapter. God, that was awful. Whether you meant to or not, you also make LiS sound like it was made by Telltale when it was actually made by a French company called DONTNOD. They certainly owe Telltale some credit for popularising episodic adventure games, though.

WIN! Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series: Under Pressure [PC] by EmP

I don't know how you keep playing these Telltale episodic games, and bust out reviews without going crazy. Man, if I were in your shoes, I'd have clocked out of planet sanity long ago.

WIN! Fallout Shelter [PC] by Nightfire

You and I recall our PC retro very differently if you donít think Fallout was a stand-out release. I mean, it was no X-Com (but what was?) but I never remember a Ďbefore it was coolí period for the series. Even taking Brotherhood into account, this just got blamed on dumbed-down console peasants.

Thereís a weird rhythm to this review that I actually quite enjoy where you initially big a point up, then spend the next few lines tearing it right back down to nothing. You do this a few times, and itís a clever way to show that Shelter is very much a fad game that youíll grow weary off as time passes.

The ďthis is good but itíll turn badĒ phase truly ends when you take the microtransactions to task, which you make sound like a nightmare. Normally I would dock you for the seemingly irrelevant steam/windows sections, but if Microsoft were willing to refund you for something, it underlines the fact that it must be broke. The screengrab of negative reviews as a good touch that Iíve donít think Iíve seen before.

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: Nightfire
Posted: July 04, 2017 (01:10 PM)
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I think my point with the "before it was cool" statement was the fact that the original Fallout never made the kind of record-breaking sales figures that Fallout 4 did upon its release. That game is still 3rd on Steamcharts' all-time highest record of concurrent players, right underneath Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for gods' sake. It is still weird to me that a sci-fi game with such a peculiar and brainy aesthetic reached such heights when considering its (relatively) humble beginnings. Also, hardly any other PC gamers I knew back then were playing Fallout or even knew what it was. If they were into RPGs, they were likely all playing the D&D stuff or fawning over the latest Final Fantasy ported to PC.

Thanks for the win, by the way :) Also, thank you for reminding me that one of yours is going to carry over to next week. Your trials and tribulations while reviewing assembly-line Telltale stuffs will not be in vain!

placid like acid

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Author: Zydrate
Posted: July 04, 2017 (08:33 PM)
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I did not mean to imply that Telltale made LiS, I know it wasn't. I just meant that LiS was actually my first Telltale-ESQUE game that got me to actually buy in to the resurgence of the point-and-click adventure game.

The first paragraph mostly served as an intro/summary/thesis of sorts while I got into the game proper.

Also that's a fair amount of negative for a second place. I don't suppose you could elaborate as to why I placed despite all that?

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: July 05, 2017 (11:23 AM)
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I was pretty critical with feedback this week. I didnít want to just hand out arse-pats, hair ruffles and good jobs but offer some criticism that someone may or may not want to work on. Or complete ignore, whatever works. Still, it was a good piece that earned its spot for being reflectful. Though a lot of the out-loud thinking did negate your review as a review by delving into ending spoilers, it took on probably the biggest issue a lot of people had with the game, broke it down and explained why it wasnít a big deal to you. It was a little naive in places (everyone died. You killed them all. Deal with it, you monster!) but I think that makes it all the more powerful. It shows that you want to delve behind the plot because the game had an emotional effect on you, and thatís difficult to get across in written words, so that you managed to do so is worthy of note.

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: jerec
Posted: July 05, 2017 (04:42 PM)
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One day I'm going to plan a contest and have the deadline coincide with your week.

I can avoid death by not having a life.

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: July 06, 2017 (04:34 AM)
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Ah, but you're the week before me, so you'd catch some of it, too.

For us. For them. For you.

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