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Forums > Contributor Zone > RotW // 29th May -- 4th June //

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: June 08, 2017 (01:44 PM)
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Notes: Iíve heard of these slow weeks, but itís nice to finally get one from a judge standpoint at least. There wasnít as lot between the majority of the reviews, but there was a pretty clear winner.

So-close club:

Zydrate: Probably best not to start your review off by telling the reader itís not going to be very good. However, I understand your point; Iíve been kicking around a League of Legends review in my head for about a year, but whenever I start writing all that comes out of vile rants about how the people I play with let me down or the story of that time I got a double pentakill with Teemo.

See? Itís easy to tangent aside, so your review already shows more discipline than my theoretical one Iíll probably never write. MOBA reviews are surprisingly hard, mainly because theyíre very simple mechanically and most of the action is in how you mesh with teammates or against enemies, and thatís something that fluctuates wildly. I mean, DEís usually a pretty competent sidekick, but Gangplank ADC? Really?. Point being, itís easy to get sidetracked, and you didnít. Good job!

Man, though, you should get some kind of award for heaviest use of abbreviations.

THIRD Red Faction: Guerrilla [PC] by HastyPixels

Itís ridiculous how much better your reviews have gotten since you dropped that sectioned approach. Itís given everything less of a condensed conveyer belt feel.

Thereís still some organisation issues were your topics kind of randomly jump around, sometimes before you finish your thoughts on the first subject, but you do a good job on nailing exactly makes RFG stand out; wanton destruction. The talk about the explosives and the different kinds of weapons were strong points, as was making fun of the threat levelís low cooldown costs and absolute lack of consequence. On the other hand, Iím not sure the specs paragraph served much purpose, and I have no idea what a ďwaste binnable pistolĒ is.

SECOND Tomboys Need Love Too! [PC] Usagi Tsukino

Thereís a good organisation to this review that even manages to make stopping in the middle to break out a list not feel like a cop out. Visual novels are often tricky to cover because they only really have their plot as a talking point and, especially with the shorter ones, that means talking too much about this can have you straying into spoilers territory whether you mean to or not. I think this review does a good job of side stepping that - I know what direction to expect the story to take but without knowing how it will play out.

WIN! Dark Rose Valkyrie [PC] by Zachary Walton

The review goes about trying to make a Compile JRPG sound interesting, and it does this initially by admitting Compile often fumble their ambition. Itís a good tactic as it automatically shows the reviewer has some experience and means if DRV does come up with a gimmick of worth, then itís going to sound more meaningful. And the whole Ďsuspect your friendsí thing is made to sound like a brilliant mechanic. Especially worthwhile is explaining that even if you solve that little mystery, you donít really have to banish the person and can even set someone else up for the fall.

The performance paragraph feels very tacked on and awkward, but itís not enough to diminish from a very good review thatís comfortably seen off some very good challengers this week.

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: Zydrate
Posted: June 08, 2017 (09:28 PM)
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Sweet, I got the ABRV award.

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Author: Phazonmasher
Posted: June 17, 2017 (10:28 PM)
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Legit surprised I got first this week. I'm honestly more surprised it's for a Compile JRPG review. I'm humbled, and I agree with you about the performance paragraph. For some insight, I honestly never really care about performance in games. It's not a high priority for me unless it's really egregious. So I often never have a good way of working it in into a review where I want to prioritize the narrative and game systems. If you have any tips on how to improve, I'd love to hear 'em!

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Author: honestgamer (Mod)
Posted: June 17, 2017 (11:22 PM)
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My own advice is that if you don't really care about performance, don't include a whole paragraph mostly devoted to discussing it (unless, like you said, it's particularly egregious or somehow makes an impression otherwise).

I know there are some readers who will wonder if each new game runs running at 60FPS or whatever, but that's not usually important in the types of game that you personally review. If there's a frame rate drop in a turn-based RPG, for instance, how much will that impact the overall experience? Not much, I'd wager, unless it's particularly obvious.

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