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Forums > Submission Feedback > EmP's 300 Dwarves review

This thread is in response to a review for 300 Dwarves on the Miscellaneous. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: Ben
Posted: June 17, 2014 (02:05 AM)
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This is basically what I expected from 300 Dwarves. You make strong arguments why it's kind of a rip-off. I definitely won't be touching this one on Steam! Nice review.

I'm hoping to get # done this month. Even though I know I won't finish the whole alphabet, it'd be cool to complete one of the hardest 'letters'.


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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: June 17, 2014 (04:06 PM)
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Know what's really annoying? 4PM is going to out soon, and I'd forgotten all about it. I needn't have bothered with this game at all.

There's a fitting obituary for 300 Dwarves.

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: overdrive (Mod)
Posted: June 20, 2014 (10:40 AM)
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I'm pretty sure # is one that I've never done. I remember last year that I gave 8 Eyes a try, but quit that pretty early out of general disgust and a growing realization that, given that as a human I have a finite time on this planet, I shouldn't be wasting it playing a game that caliber unless I'm getting paid to do so. Cash. Up front. Lots of cash. As in more than anyone anywhere that's remotely sane would ever give anyone to review a game.

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