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Author: honestgamer (Mod)
Posted: June 13, 2014 (08:21 PM)
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How cool would it be if HonestGamers could become your destination for the highest quality written guides for all of your favorite games? That's the dream!

I've set up this page so that interested parties can ask questions about the process as I work to achieve that admittedly lofty goal. I'll try to answer any new questions in this first post as they are asked, when relevant, so check here first and then feel free to post a new question in the thread if it hasn't already been answered. Thanks for your interest!

How do you decide who writes guides for the site?

I will mostly be approaching writers who I already know produce quality work, and I'll be writing guides myself, as well. I know I'm qualified, because I've written dozens of guides for leading sites online and the feedback was always terrific.

How much will guide assignments pay?

Sadly, they will pay as little as possible, because they will lose me virtually every cent that I invest in them, especially at first. I am hopeful that I will be able to raise money to pay people more competitive rates as the guides section gains traction, and early activity has already proven that there is an audience for this content. For now, I can only offer the extremely rare assignment and I can only offer $50 or so for most assignments--when I can offer any assignments at all--but that will change for the better to the extent that circumstances make possible. At some point in the distant future, I would like to be able to pay $300 to $600 per guide assignment, but we're still a long way from such a thing becoming a reality.

Can I write guides for HonestGamers?

If you are an experienced guide writer or you have contributed a lot of high-quality guides to sites in the past, use the site's contact form and get in touch. Please provide links to some of your best work currently available online, and let me know if you have required hardware, such as an Elgato Game Capture card, so that you can provide screenshots to accompany your written work. I will attempt to respond promptly to all serious inquiries.

Besides the potential (and insubstantial) pay, why might I want to write guides for HonestGamers?

I've built a custom CMS (content management system) that makes it relatively easy to put together attractive guides, complete with HTML and screenshots. In addition, I'll be promoting new guides as they go live, and insisting on a high standard of quality. You won't be competing with other guides for the same title, as I'll be commissioning only one (thorough) guide for each covered game. The goal is to keep the level of quality as high as possible, something that should benefit every writer involved.

What guides are available on the site? Can I see any examples?

You can find a current list of guides by clicking on the link. That list is available from the front page, or by clicking on the logo at the top of any individual guide on the site. You can also browse game listings to see if a guide is available, but that's not going to work as conveniently.

What guides will you be looking to publish in the near future?

I've put together a general list of desired guides that should give you an idea where I hope to start. The list reflects guides through early June of 2014. I also set up this thread so that readers can request other guides, and I will be monitoring that as I decide on guides, especially for upcoming games.

Do guides that writers produce need to be exclusive to HonestGamers?

In general, yes. I am converting some of my old strategy content for use here at HonestGamers, and adding screenshots along the way (when possible). I'm not paying myself, though, and the number of guides that will receive that treatment is limited. I believe that exclusive guides are important because they give people a reason to visit this site instead of others, which will help to build a larger audience and in turn provide more revenue that can be used to commission additional assignments down the line.

If I write guides at HonestGamers, am I free to also write guides for other games at other sites?

Absolutely! I freelance to pay the bills, and I expect that plenty of other people who might wish to write for HonestGamers will need to do the same thing. There's not a lot of money in this industry, so take it where you can get it!

If I'm willing to pay for a guide to be written, will you accept my money and produce the guide?

If you want to see HonestGamers publish a guide for a specific game here and you're willing to pay to make it happen, I think I might be in love with you. I'll do everything I can to make that happen, whether that means writing a guide myself or paying a qualified individual to produce it on the site's behalf. Depending on the complexity of the game, the payment required may be quite substantial, so this is an option that I expect would mostly not be used... but it's certainly possible if the stars align!

This is a cool project. Can I donate to the cause?

Please do! Donations will help make more guides possible, and I'd love to keep as many writers busy--myself included--as I can. Any and all donations are welcome. You can contact me through the site, or you can reach out elsewhere, like @jasonventer on Twitter. If you want a formal means of donating, we've also set up a Patreon page for just that purpose.

I've already written a great guide someplace else, but I'd like to post it as an HonestGamers guide. Are you interested?

I very probably am interested in such an arrangement, provided you're willing to make that guide exclusive to HonestGamers. The exact answer will depend on whether someone is already at work on a guide for that game, and whether or not I will have time to provide screenshots to accompany your text, and whether you're okay with having your work slightly edited to fit the site's CMS (content management system). There are variables, but we can certainly look at those and see what works.

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