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The Moonlight War novel by S.K.S. Perry

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This thread is in response to a review for White Noise Online on the PC & Miscellaneous. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: wolfqueen001
Posted: May 27, 2014 (01:23 PM)
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Hm. To me, this series almost sounds like Alan Wake (from what I've read about it). I didn't know it "took inspiration" from Slender, too, (which I'll have to read about shortly). I have sort of a love-hate relationship with horror titles, so this one caught my interest. To be honest, though, I really don't like the ones where if you're caught once you're dead. I hate feeling like I'm going to piss myself the whole time I'm playing a game, haha. I like to have some sort of defense. Therefore, I'll probably stay away from this one.

Side note: The picture on the cover art reminds me of the Alien, for some strange reason. I should go back to those films.

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: May 27, 2014 (01:55 PM)
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It has very little in common with Alan Wake. White Noise Online is basically first person exploration of an enclosed area where you have to find eight items in the dark before a scary monster finds and eats you. Alan Wake is more akin to Resident Evil, where it's a third-person perspective with weapons where you fend off a small army of lesser monsters over several chapters. That both are dark, use flashlights heavily and exist in the woods are the only real similarities. Though you can come out of the woods and use different level skins in White Noise. Wake's in the woods forever, and you best get used to it. I do like both, though for very different reasons.

Hereís an alarming side note: how have you got this far in life without watching Aliens?

Thank you for the catches. I shall tidy them away shortly. And thanks for reading.

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Author: honestgamer (Mod)
Posted: May 27, 2014 (05:57 PM)
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I haven't watched any of the Aliens films, or Prometheus. It's easy to miss that kind of thing, even when you're 35, if you grew up with a father who bought most of the household movies and rarely ventured outside comedy.

I did see Event Horizon, but that was something I saw because a college roommate rented it (along with The Thing and Se7en and 12 Monkeys, other movies I otherwise likely wouldn't have watched) and not because I sought it out.

I'm actually not big on sci-fi (having also missed Bladerunner and A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey), but at least I saw Star Wars. Because a high school acquaintance lent me the VHS tapes when I admitted I hadn't seen them. Now I have the blu-ray, but Aliens just hasn't ever sounded like much good and the only parts of the Terminator movies I've ever seen were clips in the break room at work.

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Author: wolfqueen001
Posted: May 28, 2014 (10:44 PM)
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I've seen the first two. I just haven't seen Aliens in a few years and need to again, especially since I've recently seen Alien (about three months ago). AND I really want to see the third and fourth ones, even if they're awful, and I've heard awesome things about Prometheus.

Essentially, you've converted me into an Aliens fan, so I'm pretty psyched.

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: May 29, 2014 (08:56 AM)
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Iíve come to not so much like Alien 3, but I appreciate it more than I used to, while still maintain a slow burning rage that the initial drafts (the ones written by William Gibson and Vince Ward especially) where rejected then mashed together to form an awful, rushed parody of what could have been. It was also victim to what can only be described as worthless amateurish editing that managed to keep a lot of fluff but bafflingly cut out vital key scenes. If you can get the assembly cut of the film, always go with that. Alien Resurrection is beyond redemption, and I donít care what Josh Whedonís done since or how much I love Firefly; if I ever saw him in the street, I would hit him in the face with a shovel for the god awful mess that this film is.

Iíll also come right out and say that I do not care for Prometheus, but reserve that particular pet rant for another time and place that isnít supposed to be review feedback topic for an unrelated game.

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