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Author: JoeTheDestroyer (Mod)
Posted: January 07, 2014 (12:37 AM)
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Time to knock out another ROTW.

How's life been for everyone? I'm not bad this week so far. I start my new position at the hospital next Monday, so I'm excited/nervous about that. Other than that, I'm in the process of typing up a review for the original Devil May Cry, eventually working on a Beyond Oasis review for RoG, and reviewing The Return of the Vampire for my blog.

50 Games Challenge progress: Beat They Bleed Pixels (2/50), and hope to add another game to the list soon.

Although he didn't place, I do want to recommend Clayton's Call of Duty: Ghosts review. You said pretty much what I expected, except that you rightly took the multiplayer to task and gave the alien mode a beatdown. I've had a few friends try to sell me on CoD games based on their inclusion of zombies. I would have given in, were it not for the fact that 53745615 other video games also feature zombies, many of them higher on my priority list than CoD.

Anyway, our placers are:

Monstafish - PC - EmP

You handled this one very well. I didn't think that a game like Monstafish could provide enough material to make a quality review, but you've proven me wrong. You also kinda mirrored my own thoughts on many mobile-to-any-other-platform games (not all, though). They just don't stand up to full releases and lose something vital when developers refuse to touch them up.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - WiiU - honestgamer

I know I've said this many times: your reviews read so wonderfully that I can easily speed through them and still have a very clear mental image of what you played. Writing a review of a 'meh' platformer can be difficult, but I think you pulled it off very well! Sure, you mention a very common and troublesome flaw like the game's camera, but you also give a clear reason why the camera in Ghostly Adventures sucks, rather than just saying it sucks and leaving it at that.

Final Fantasy X - PlayStation 2 - holdthephone

I'll start by saying that this review has a few small errors:

It's colossal presence stirs the futuristic city...
No apostrophe needed. Very common error, so no biggie.

Fundamentally, it's a simple matching game, but a makes each personality feel relevant...
I think that 'a' was supposed to be an 'it'.

Sin can be defeated, earning the world 2 years of peace...
It's possible that I don't remember properly, but I though the Calm was ten years.

Anyway, in comparison to the whole review, these errors are minute. I enjoyed your take on the game's plot and characters, your sweet and detailed description of the battle system (without going overboard, especially), and your analysis on Spira's obsession with death. It's a review that does more than criticize the game's apparent content, which is an ambitious move. One misstep and people will think you're a pretentious loon. Thankfully, you pulled it off!

That's all. Tune in again when I tackle another week.

The only thing my milkshake brings to the yard is a subpoena.

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Author: honestgamer (Mod)
Posted: January 07, 2014 (01:50 AM)
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Thanks for getting this one done, Joe! Congrats to holdthephone on the win!

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - John F. Kennedy on reality

"What if everything you see is more than what you see--the person next to you is a warrior and the space that appears empty is a secret door to another world? What if something appears that shouldn't? You either dismiss it, or you accept that there is much more to the world than you think. Perhaps it really is a doorway, and if you choose to go inside, you'll find many unexpected things." - Shigeru Miyamoto on secret doors to another world

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