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Forums > Contributor Zone > RotW -- March 24-30, 2013

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Author: overdrive (Mod)
Posted: April 02, 2013 (11:35 AM)
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Here we go again! Two RotWs in two days for you…how lucky are each and every one of you?!? Answer: Overwhelmingly lucky. Six reviews, three winners, tons of suspense. What more can a person want from life? A question which I will attempt to avoid contemplating while doing this or the angst and depression will overwhelm you all.

THIRD PLACE: Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES) by Roto13

I narrowly give you third place over some other very deserving entities. I remember on my mom's computer a number of years back, playing a shareware clone of Bubble Bobble (originally called "Bub and Bob"), so I gather what you're saying when you point out all the ways in which this sequel takes a step back. You really do a good job in discussing how a game might be going forward, but wind up taking multiple steps back in the process. Really nice stuff that I can say I've experienced with many games I've played.

SECOND PLACE: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance by pickhut

This review really worked for me. Mainly because you used the first paragraph to explain the origins of this game and how it fits into the MG world. Followed by a brief description of the gameplay where you make it easy for me to get what you're saying due to the games you're comparing it to. You also do a good job with things like describing the awesome aspects of the fighting system and explaining how, despite a number of really neat elements, the overall game falters a bit due to that beloved tactic of making too many cool things only happen in cutscenes. Excellent review which could have won if not for...

FIRST PLACE: BioShock Infinite by Suskie

…the official Honestgamers law, which states Suskie ALWAYS wins. The end.

Okay, it's really hard to be critical of this one in any way. You do a good job of explaining core mechanics and such in a methodical fashion that flows together. It intrigues me when you discuss how the game's limitations it places on you fighting-wise encouraged you to seek out unconventional tactics. Probably the best praise I can give, though, is simply saying that you probably divulged the perfect amount of information — where you take things plot-wise to a certain level and then leave it at that as far as what you're going to say. I do have to say that I am pretty intrigued by this game and your review did a lot more for me than those commercials and trailers that I've seen. Pretty visuals are nice, but when you paint a pretty picture of everything else about the game (despite a few flaws), it makes me think it'd be a fun one to at least give a few hours to.

And that is it for another week. Kudos to the other three reviewers who submitted their looks at JRPGs, fighting games and wacky horror stuff. All entertaining, as well.

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Author: pickhut
Posted: April 02, 2013 (12:31 PM)
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The bastard!

Er, I mean, thanks for enjoying the review. Was a little concern I was spending too much time on the opening paragraphs, so it's nice hearing it helped you out.

Congrats to Suskie on his rotw for Infinite and Roto on his Bubble Bobble 2 mention. Honestly, I was surprised how quick Suskie got his review up, since Infinite isn't exactly a short game. Then again, I probably spent half the game staring at the visuals...

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Author: Suskie
Posted: April 02, 2013 (04:25 PM)
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Steam has me at 10.9 hours for the game, so, eh. Honestly, the struggle for me wasn't getting thr game done quickly, but putting my thoughts into a coherent piece of writing, since I had so much I wanted to say about the game. I had to leave a lot of points out, unfortunately, but I'm glad the review seems to have worked regardless!

And Pickhut, I will read your review soon and comment on it. I was unable to review that one myself so I'm curious to see what you had to say about it.

Thanks for the win, OD, and congrats to the other two winners.

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