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Author: zippdementia
Posted: September 07, 2012 (06:34 PM)
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Monopoly is a good game if you build in a time limit. My favorite house rule is to take an unused piece (or a penny or something) and put it on the first property. Then, mark one of the dice's one-side with a dot or some kind of mark to make it stand out.

Now, every time you roll that symbol, in addition to whatever normally happens on the roll, you move the piece to the next property. When the piece reaches "boardwalk" the game ends instantly.

What this does is prevents the insanely slow and painful end game that happens in normal Monopoly and speeds players up so they feel they have to make decisions based on what's going on in the game at the moment. Auctioning property becomes more intense, because everyone tends to get involved in a land grab, and people are more willing to make trades, knowing that long term plans may not pan out. The time limit is somewhat random, so it changes each game.

You can also give the piece special properties, like doubling the rent on any space it is on; or making those spaces free zones while it is there; or all money paid to that space goes to the bank instead of a player; or it sends to jail anyone who lands on that space.

You can also give the piece special properties, like

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