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Forums > Contributor Zone > RotW: July 15 to July 21 -- Sorry?

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Author: wolfqueen001
Posted: July 31, 2012 (03:25 PM)
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Yeah, yeah, I know this is late, but I haven't been around much lately and won't be around much in the near future, (it's too bloody hot), so I honestly can't say I'll be doing this in a timely manner from now on.

Never thought I'd have a life, but there we go. :/ Oh well. Enjoy.

THIRD PLACE: Overdrive's Final Fantasy II review

This review is good because it illustrates exactly what makes this game lousy and why that matters. I actually liked FF2 when it was consolidated with the first in the Origins pack for Playstation. But here, with the original NES, it sounds rather unappealing. Even the things I kind of liked about it when I played the later version sound unpleasant, such as stat building. You more or less have encouraged me to reevaluate my own opinion on the game.

SECOND PLACE: Dagoss's Joy Mech Fight Review

You do a great job opening this up providing your own, amusing interpretation of the story. It's so intriguing that it makes me wish you'd added screens to this review just so I could see for myself. The other thing I like about this is that you get right to the point in describing what makes this one great. For a game that old, it's amazing that it can still stand among today's fighters. I may check this out one day, and I'm not even that into fighters.

FIRST PLACE: Fiddlestick's Resident Evil 5 review

Welcome to HG. You do a really good job expressing your enthusiasm for this game and presenting your arguments for it. From other reviews I've read for RE5, I got the impression that it was more or less a dumbed down RE4. But you make it sound more appealing than that, and that's good. You even describe the more spoily sounding events in a vague enough light to make them mysterious. Your writing also carried with it enough enthusiasm throughout the review to keep me interested, and that's often a quality that takes years to develop. Keep it up.

Joe's reviews were pretty good and fought for a spot this time around. It was also nice to see something from pickhut and Roto13, both of whom also subbed quality stuff. Also, congrats to the other newcomer, crestfallen_dreamer, who made a decent effort as well.

OD's up this week, and will likely be more timely than me.

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Author: zippdementia
Posted: July 31, 2012 (05:29 PM)
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Very similar to my own thoughts, though it was a toss up between the RE5 review and Overdrives FF2 for me. I was hoping Fiddlesticks would get acknowledged for that review!

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Author: dagoss
Posted: August 01, 2012 (04:51 AM)
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Yay! JMF gets some love.

I would have submitted some screens, but I was playing on an actual NES. I have yet to come up with a way to capture video from my TV. I probably even have the stuff to do it sitting around and just don't know it!

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Author: JoeTheDestroyer (Mod)
Posted: August 02, 2012 (08:52 AM)
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Thanks for the mention and getting this out, even if it is late. ;)

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