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This thread is in response to a review for Dead Island on the Xbox 360. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: zippdementia
Posted: March 29, 2012 (11:49 AM)
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Good review. It seems my interest in this game is continually rekindled. On the other hand, the complaint I hear a lot about this game is that it is very very repetitive, that after you've done barely a handful of side missions, you start to recognize that really they are all the same four or five missions recycled in sometimes not-even-very-different locales. I hear a lot about sewers, for instance. Miles and miles of sewers.

Wondered what your thoughts were on that.

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Author: Alk31997
Posted: March 29, 2012 (01:42 PM)
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Yeah it does have a sense of replication about it. I feel it has a cohesive structure. But there is a few blotches upon the gameplay. It is repetitive at times, and yeah there is hundreds of random sewers. The side quests are very similar i agree. But it really is a little gem, i thought, when i first switched it on, i was like, here goes another game with uninspiring graphics and a lackluster story, i was surprised, really really blown away.

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