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Forums > Submission Feedback > pickhut's Sega Classics Collection review

This thread is in response to a review for Sega Classics Collection on the PlayStation 2. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: Masters (Mod)
Posted: February 13, 2012 (07:48 AM)
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Glad you did this review, pick. I was always under the impression this whole collection sucked, mainly because the other reviews I've seen for it dwell on the crappiness of Golden Axe almost exclusively.

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Author: pickhut
Posted: February 13, 2012 (09:57 AM)
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I actually got that impression too for the longest time about the collection, which is the reason it took me a long time to actually purchase it, even at $9 new (the original retail price was $20 from what I've heard). Glad I did. Thanks for reading the review, and yes, the remake of Golden Axe truely goes suck. Funny thing, that was the first game I decided to play when I got the collection, and it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn't play the disc again until the following weekend.

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Author: JoeTheDestroyer (Mod)
Posted: February 14, 2012 (06:44 PM)
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Nice one, pick. I probably won't pick this up anytime soon, but you do a wonderful job detailing its contents while defending it. I think for me it's just that, with the exception of the puzzler, these games are not my cup of tea. I do enjoy some of the titles listed, but not enough to pick up the collection.

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