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The Moonlight War novel by S.K.S. Perry

Forums > Submission Feedback > asherdeus's Bodycount review

This thread is in response to a review for Bodycount on the PlayStation 3. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: SamildanachEmrys
Posted: September 16, 2011 (12:05 PM)
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Hmm, interesting to hear thoughts on the full game. I quite enjoyed the demo, so it's useful to discover that, from the way you describe it, the rest of the game doesn't add anything. Something that's fun for a five minute demo would probably get old after a few hours.

Even in the demo, I noticed the inconsistent damage. Many times I decided I could dash to a particular bit of cover because I'd only take a couple of hits en route, only to die despite having soaked up far more damage only minutes earlier.

Anyway, regardless of whether I share your opinion (I suspect I would be a bit more forgiving), it's a well written review. Good flow and clarity.

'There would be tears and there would be strange laughter. Fierce births and deaths beneath umbrageous ceilings. And dreams, and violence, and disenchantment.'

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Author: Masters (Mod)
Posted: September 16, 2011 (01:33 PM)
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I already left my feedback over at TBG, but great review Matt. Always happy to see an Asherdeus review pop up.

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Author: asherdeus
Posted: September 16, 2011 (06:05 PM)
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Thanks, guys! I wasn't sure if this review would work or not. After playing it, I really couldn't approach the review in any other way because I simply was left baffled by what I experienced. Glad to hear it went over well.

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