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Author: fleinn
Posted: June 10, 2011 (06:47 AM)
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Yeah, I wondered about the multiplayer too. It wouldn't be exactly what they were making already, and I would not be happy if it turned out they changed the experience just to create some sort of multiplayer. It's a huge leap with a massive set of challenges technically as well as artistically.. so it's probably a good thing they didn't have multiplayer right now.

The entire thing with a huge bunch of different conduits running around in factions around the city sounds.. unbelievably cool, though, have to admit that. But I think it says something about Sucker Punch as a studio that they stuck with what they could deliver, and then just did that extremely well.

Anyway.. got the collector's edition :) Hated the US cover, but the collector's edition tilts from one side to the other, like this :D Had to have that one.

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