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Forums > Submission Feedback > asherdeus's Fable III review

This thread is in response to a review for Fable III on the Xbox 360. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: CoarseDragon
Posted: November 18, 2010 (01:48 PM)
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You talk a lot about combat but you say nothing about being the "King" and ruling your kingdom and I thought that was a important part of the game. Or was that just marketing hype?

I liked the review. Especially your explanation of the leveling system.

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Author: asherdeus
Posted: November 18, 2010 (10:19 PM)
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I probably should add some more about the King segments - they're pretty anti-climactic. When I discussed how easy the end game was, that was partially a discussion of the king segments, though I didn't explicitly state that. You really only make 6-8 rulings as king, and most of the decisions are straight-forward (drain a lake for a mine and get more money (evil) or lose some cash and preserve it (good)). Since you collect money so easily, really the choice is just to simply keep whatever morality you pursued. Had money been harder to come by, they might have had more weight.

Thanks very much for the read, means a lot to me!

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Author: zippdementia
Posted: November 18, 2010 (11:55 PM)
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A lot of people disagree with me, but I think the Fable series is shit, so this review's stance hardly surprises me. Interesting to know it sucks (from your opinion) because it deviates so much. I think you've supported that argument well, even from someone who knows very little about the third game.

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