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Author: CoarseDragon
Posted: September 13, 2010 (12:47 PM)
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Firstly very good review, made me wish I had a Wii. Shame you had not played the PS2 version I would have loved to have seen a bit of a comparison. I really liked the way you presented this and told us all about the game and the characters. Very nice.

Now a bit of bad news.

The fields are wild, the forests are shroud in the mystery of canopy shades, and the shores are sunny and stretch the eye to the long sea, where the sun rises and sets. I thought maybe shrouded might read better?

The people in the game, appear very cartoony, but are actually artistically distinct because of the style of art the developers chose to use. Not sure "of art" is needed. Probably don't need those commas either. I think it reads fine without them.

It conveys the emotions of loneliness in stale mist-covered lands waiting to be revived perfectly. Maybe change to "perfectly revived"?

Age is a condition not a state of mind.

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