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Forums > Submission Feedback > True's Worms [PSN] review

This thread is in response to a review for Worms on the PlayStation 3. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: -
Posted: August 09, 2010 (05:52 AM)
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I liked this review. I've never played Hogs, but you've got down why Worms isn't that compelling in single-player.

Pretty much all of the enjoyment I got out of Worms came from local multiplayer. I remember years and years ago playing hours on end with friends, match after match. In the present, this game has a dated feeling; Armageddon is way better.

Oh, I don't remember crawling away from a dynamite being too hard? But maybe that was because I spent a lot of time playing it.


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Author: wolfqueen001
Posted: August 09, 2010 (08:13 AM)
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I grew up with a later version of Worms called Worms: Armageddon for the PC. I love that game, but it's not that much changed from what you describe here. There are 8 team members instead of 5, several different modes of play like Mission mode and Deathmatch, and, from what it sounsd like, it might be more customizable as well (you can name your characters and set your team's flag, accent, tombstone and special weapon, for example). There are new weapons but all the weapons you mentioned here are also there, though the super sheep does something else completely. (In Armageddon, you launch it into the air like like some sort of Sheepy Superman where you have full control of its movements, even turn it all the way around, until you make contact with an object or enemy where it explodes with tremendous force). Also, instead of saying Hadouken with the fire punch, the worm just says "Hiiii-ya!" like some kind of karate master. But there are two other weapons like the fire punch that may or may not have been added (the Dragon Ball (lol) and the kamekaze).

But the style of combat is the same, with the timed turns. I never had a problem with this though because to me, the strategy was entirely in how well you used your turn. I never had an issue with moving around, either, since usually often you're in range of another enemy, and if you weren't, there was a "weapon" (more like an item) you could use to switch to a different team member (with a limited number of uses, of course).

Dynamite was always my favorite - certainly better than the land mine - because of how destructive it was. I never had an issue getting away; if I found myself too dangerously close to exploding, I'd jump to try and get some distance more quickly.

Man that game was fun. You not enjoying the original version makes me wonder whether the version I played had made a lot of improvements with regard to what you complain about or if it's just a matter of game preference. I've never played Hogs, though, so I can't make that comparison, but that one does sound pretty cool in and of itself.

I like that you touched on the amusing and quirky aspects of the game. I think that contributed greatly to my appreciation of Armageddon; that style of humor is really great.

Anyway, good luck with this one. Even though we're on opposite sides of the preference line, I understand completely where you're coming from with this game, so I'd say it's definitely effective. I don't think I found anything particularly wrong with it, though I would add that headband is a single word; you've got it broken up into two.

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Author: True
Posted: August 09, 2010 (08:23 PM)
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Thanks for the feedback, Ben and Furry Face.

Crawling away from the dynamite may not have been that big a deal after I learned that jumping is a far faster way to move as opposed to just walking, but there were four or five times before I learned that trick that left me hurting.

Head band is one word?! Naughty Firefox. I don't know why but when I posted this, it said it was a typo so I separated it. I should know better.

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Author: Halon
Posted: August 09, 2010 (10:41 PM)
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Yeah I kinda agree with Ben. I'm tempted to pick this up when it comes out for the PC in two weeks or so and while the review wasn't bad per se it actually gave me a nostalgic feeling and got me excited for the game. Worms is basically made to be played with friends while joking around and taunting each other. It's basically like trying to review Quake or Team Fortress based on its offline bot mode. It exists, but is hardly the appeal of the game.

I still think you did a pretty good job with this one and probably wouldn't be saying anything at all if Worms 2 and Armageddon weren't two of my favorite games back in middle school!


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