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Forums > Submission Feedback > fastkilr's Scrap Metal (XBLA) review

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Author: aschultz
Posted: June 15, 2010 (04:05 PM)
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This isn't quite as easy to read as our site owner's review, but it gets through things quickly and makes sense and never loses me. I think phrases like "although the said vehicle definitely makes up for this fault by providing speedy acceleration." tend to tangle things and get me a little impatient.

With that said, the game can be taken at face value--this is one of those empty-calorie phrases. Perhaps the last 2 sentences could be compacted into "For those who like this niche, 1200 Microsoft points may not be too expensive. For most, it will be, since better games like Perfect Dark cost 800."

Also "In terms of controls, there’s a simplified option mapping almost all of the gameplay onto the left thumb stick," <- these are also 2 words to try to avoid unless there's nothing better: controls, gameplay. "Controlling your car is simple but relies too heavily on futzing with the left thumb stick."

This review gets to the point but I'd like to read more explanation on "physics-based environments" -- does this mean that certain races rely on navigating magnetism or some such thing? All environments have...physics.

"If you’re itching for a car-combat game without pretenses and don’t mind the price it’s difficult to make an argument for anything else on Microsoft’s service other than Scrap Metal." <- Well, then, it's the only one, and that's ok? Again, sometimes it feels like you're being long winded because you feel obliged to be, and that doesn't feel quite right.

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