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Forums > Submission Feedback > Nightmare's Lunar: Silver Star Harmony review

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Author: fleinn
Posted: May 30, 2010 (01:50 PM)
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I played.. eh.. one.. of the Lunar: Silver Story games on psx. But never finished it for some reason. But it actually was well written, and that surprised me a bit, after seeing the sprites :D A bit of the same impression I had of Fire Emblem 4, maybe.

Uh.. so.. um.. mark the calendar - I agree completely with everything someone else wrote down. This is exactly the same impression I had.

I like the review as well - instead of boring the reader to tears summing up all the details, just mentioning them as context works great. Because the points about the content isn't directly tied to the specific situations. You then build on that by making your own feelings about it obvious. Very good structure. That's how a good review should be written, imo.

(Great sentence, by the way: "No one led me to believe that only I could save the world, and not one made me even feel like it was important." :) )

Small things:
"If that were the case, I co..." -> If that were not the case, I could"..

"What frustrated me beyond belief was constantly re-spawning them." -> was how they constantly respawn.. (?)

"Hold true to the magic it had for those who’ve never experienced it," -> maybe.. "hold it true to the magic it had, so new players can experience it.."? ..something about the rhythm.

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Author: Nightmare
Posted: June 01, 2010 (02:47 PM)
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I appreciate the comments, Fleinn. Reviews for re-introduced games are hard, and there's a thin line between talking about the original game too much and not enough, so I'm glad that you liked it.

After reading it again, those sentences did stand out and your changes helped them flow better, so I appreciate that as well.

I believe in Fate.

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