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This thread is in response to a review for Major League Baseball 2K10 on the Xbox 360. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: randxian
Posted: April 13, 2010 (08:29 PM)
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) Pitchers (including your created player, if you choose to make a pitcher) are used as if we were playing baseball in the 1890s. Starting pitchers are left out there after they have thrown 120 pitches and given up 5 runs

This bit made me chuckle a bit. MLB Power Pros Success mode suffers from the same problems if you chose to play as a pitcher. The team leaves you out until your arm practically falls off and you are about to fall over, making it a nightmare to get batters out.

After seeing all the commercials about "doing battle", I thought this might be the real deal. From your review, it looks like this franchise still has a long way to go. I'll stick with MLB Power Pros, thank you.


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Author: LowerStreetBlues
Posted: April 14, 2010 (05:04 PM)
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I haven't touched this series since the baffling 2K7, which was sealed and shipped with a franchise mode-crippling decimal error. Initial player salaries boomed by a factor of ten league wide (and the news went unmentioned in mainstream reviews -- sort of unreal to think about). Worse, it was visible in the default franchise mode display menu, usually indicating something like:

PROJECTED 2008 INCOME: -440,590,000

Good job not letting a pretty lousy series off the hook yet.

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