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Forums > Submission Feedback > fastkilr's Torchlight review

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Author: aschultz
Posted: January 25, 2010 (10:52 AM)
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This review has some good points--starting with the story is interesting but it switches too quickly to technical stuff. Perhaps the 2nd last paragraph could be bumped up to the 3rd, too, to give an idea of what the game is about. I think the review would flow better, and you could keep the details.

One of the games standout features are the pets. 1) game's 2) this switches from the previous paragraph and the paragraph can be chopped down a bit. I don't know--something like "While leveling up is straightforward, pets are a unique feature. They carry stuff around, etc. [and maybe weave in how they look]

I noticed it'd been a while since your last review and maybe you need to shake the rust off a bit. I had to blink a bit re-reading this review but it was worth it, and interesting.

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Author: sashanan
Posted: January 26, 2010 (01:27 AM)
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One of the games standout features are the pets.

Being less adept at issues of style but an incurable grammar nazi, I'm going to have to point out that since the subject "one of the game's standout features" is singular, you want "is the pets" rather than "are the pets". If that looks odd, perhaps the whole sentence can use restructuring.

You imply the game is single player through the final paragraph's talk about the upcoming MMO component, but then sort of blur the issue by calling it a good placeholder for Diablo III. I'd stress this point more, as this is precisely what the deal is with Torchlight as it stands: hack & slash dungeon crawling at a budget price, but at the cost of being utterly, completely single player. Ultimately it'll depend on the gamer whether that's a deal breaker or not, but they need to know.


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