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This thread is in response to a review for Times of Lore on the NES. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: honestgamer (Mod)
Posted: December 25, 2009 (07:47 PM)
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I wanted this game so bad when I was younger, based on a single screenshot in Nintendo Power that looked awesome. I talked later to someone who worked at the magazine around the time and he joked that back in the day, they referred to the game in the office as "Times of Bore." When I finally got it off eBay and played it for myself, I paid relatively little and found myself feeling grateful that I hadn't wasted the money on it as a kid.

Your review didn't make the game sound exciting, but it did make it sound better than the experience that I had with it. I've actually been meaning to go back to this one and to give it more than the cursory glance that I originally did once I purchased it, so maybe I will sometime soon. Thanks for writing up an interesting review for it!

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Author: aschultz
Posted: December 25, 2009 (11:29 PM)
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Thanks for the feedback! It's great to know a review of mine is legitimately useful. I really got bogged down in the PC version, and it's kind of ironic that dumbing down an origin game made it better--after all, Ultima V suffered when ported to the NES. I remember racking my brains trying to beat the final dungeon in the PC version--then I realized I could heal a character just sitting there for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit this sort of anecdote in the review without seeming self indulgent. Also, I'm not sure how playing the PC game may've ruined the NES experience for me.

I tried to find something to make ToL interesting, but it's not. Overall, there's nothing *wrong* with ToL. It just does little to distinguish itself. Hopefully my maps on GameFAQs will be a help too if you really just want to plow through the game. It's a good game to play when there's nothing better. It was another one of those NES completion project games nobody got around to, and another game I had more fun writing maps for than playing.

I noticed your screenshots & I would recommend fighting the giant--it's the one exciting moment in the game.

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