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Forums > Submission Feedback > randxian's Dragon Warrior review

This thread is in response to a review for Dragon Warrior on the NES. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: zippdementia
Posted: August 11, 2009 (12:51 PM)
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Did you remove a bunch of reviews or something, Rand? I know you had more than four reviews on the site. I liked some of those, too!

This isn't a badly written review, but it doesn't grab the reader in the way it should. The problem, I feel, is the approach. You keep comparing it to other RPGs when really, Dragon Warrior has already established itself as classic adventure. What we need to know in a modern review is not how the game handles so much as how it holds up. Your review sounds like it's trying to sell the game, but you're a good twenty years late for that. We want to know why we should revisit it and such a review requires that you treat this less like a traditional review and more like either an over-excited send up, an angry bash, or a humourous look at how the game has aged.

The truth is, this is an old game. Most of us remember playing it as children. We know it can't be held up to the same standards as modern RPGs. If it truly can be held up to the same standards, then you need to make that argument and make it stronger and more energetic. Right now it's just taking itself a little too stoically for what it is.

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Author: psychopenguin
Posted: August 12, 2009 (06:14 AM)
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Did he rewrite this review or something? I just read it and I feel he did a fine job of describing it and why it's still fun to play today.

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Author: randxian
Posted: August 15, 2009 (07:10 AM)
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Zipp - Your comments make sense given the audience around Honest Gamers. However, this will be used on a NES website. Believe it or not, some of the newer people who join the NES community have not played a lot of games we consider canon, like Dragon Warrior.

That's why I made it more like a traditional review. However, your comments are still helpful and I will still modify this review at least a bit.


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