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Forums > Contributor Zone > OD's RotW for July 12-18, 2009......yeah, it's late; don't blame me, blame the TT

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Author: overdrive (Mod)
Posted: July 23, 2009 (01:13 PM)
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What with all my illustrious team tournament work, I forgot all about this. I've been kinda both busy and a bit under the weather this week, so if this comes off being one of my shorter, less quality RotWs, my apologies. Odds are a couple of you just might have gotten really in-depth critiques of your reviews by three other people anyway. Unless I think you all suck and refuse to acknowledge you. Any of you that might have beaten me in the tournament could meet that fate.

Only users (as opposed to staff) can get picked. Only the best review by any one user, if they've submitted multiple, can get picked. And now......


THIRD PLACE: Call of Duty: World of War (Xbox 360) by JANUS2

I really liked the tactic of this review. You get me into the thought of playing this game with the opening paragraphs concerning how it's a more sober look at the effects of war, as opposed to the "winners and losers" aspect you get from most of those games (like the Medal of Honor ones I've spent so much time with). And then you effectively put that thought into its grave with those final three paragraphs, painting of a portrayal of a game with an effective stance, but ineffective gameplay. This is a great example of how to hook an audience with what sounds like a promising game, so to make it seem more devastating when you point out that there are some really big flaws that make it more mediocre than anything.

SECOND PLACE: Heavenly Sword (PlayStation 3) by true

You make this game sound pretty damn appealing. For a while, I was looking at it as a well-written review of just another manly brawler. The sort of thing that is fun and entertaining to read about, but for a game I'd likely have only a bit of interest in playing (like you, I can only swing a sword wildly about for so long before losing interest.....which is why I only got a bit over halfway through God of War). But when you start talking about the other aspects of the game like the cannon and Kai, my interest level REALLY picked up. By the end of things, I was right with you in thinking this is more than just an action game.....which I had been thinking through the early stages of it. So, that means you did a hell of a job of essentially pulling my strings throughout the course of this review.

OVERDRIVE PLACE: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GameCube) by Suskie

Here's how I know this review kicked ass. After reading it, I looked the game up online to see if it was also on the PS2. Then I found out it was made my Nintendo and, therefore, not on a system I own. I'm now suffering from crippling depression and just want to lay on a couch and stare at the ceiling while pondering what's gone wrong with my life. That's how good you made this game sound and that's the point of a 10/10 create that sort of lust for the product in the reader's mind and make it disappointing if said reader realizes that game might not be readily accessible to them. You gave some good vivid descriptions of aspects of the game, such as the side effects of your sanity descending. Sweet work. You get the win!

And that's that. Ciao, folks, I'm tired and gotta do some shopping since I'll possibly be camping out this weekend.

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Author: aschultz
Posted: July 23, 2009 (05:47 PM)
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I guess you can blame the team tourney for all 3 reviews existing, too. Congrats to both of my teammates, and the guy who had a high powered match against one of them.

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Author: Suskie
Posted: July 23, 2009 (06:51 PM)
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Hey, cool, thanks.

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Author: True
Posted: July 24, 2009 (02:22 AM)
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Thanks for the mention, OD and congratulations to Janus and Suskie. Me and Mike actually joked about going head-to-head for ROTW. Looks like he won again. Heh.

If I Offended You, You Needed It.

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Author: jerec
Posted: July 24, 2009 (03:48 AM)
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I have to agree with Eternal Darkness. While judging, I wanted to go grab the disc and play it. I managed to restrain myself, but once judging was over, I spent a couple of hours on the game. That's some good forceful writing.

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