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This thread is in response to a review for Assassin's Creed on the PlayStation 3. You are encouraged to view the review in a new window before reading this thread.

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: July 08, 2009 (10:03 AM)
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I can deny the game's style and ability to deliver a twisted, compelling story. It's easy! It's got the style of an overweight granny in a boob tube and the story's clearly been written by a untalented fanficer with a looser grip on history than Willis Carto. All that awful music must rot your brain.

Other than the fact you're completly wrong? Good review.

PS -- Creed'll never be the next CC!

For us. For them. For you.

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Author: zippdementia
Posted: July 08, 2009 (11:05 AM)
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Emp is right. Assasin's Creed will never be the next Chrono Cross.

Note to gamers: when someone shoots you in the face, they aren't "gay." They are "psychopathic."

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Author: radicaldreamer
Posted: July 09, 2009 (01:52 AM)
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I got a few comments.

First, it might seem like a very small semantic complaint, but I think it makes a difference: did you mean that the story has both positive and negative aspects? Saying that the story "is a mix of aspects" seems like it suggests something else, like maybe positive and negative story events. At the very least I think it's an unusual way of phrasing. The following description, while interesting, does not really clarify this statement about positive and negative.

Next, one recurring element in your writing I noticed ever since you first came here is the presence of fragments. Other people have even mentioned it, but probably haven't explained it. The one in this review is:

A device that digs deep in to your psyche and extracts them by forcing you to live out your ancestors past.

I think you do it when you use a writing technique that involves following a noun (usually an object) immediately with a definition of it, or at least that's what happened in this case. It's hard to explain very clearly what does and does not constitute a complete sentence; it's kind of something some people just know. The more grammatically correct thing to do is to join this dependent clause to the sentence before it with a comma, or sometimes a colon or semicolon. While I'm on this passage, I think it could be consolidated to something like:

...the doctor forces you back into the Animus, a device that extracts your ancestor's memories from the depths of your psyche by forcing you to relive them.

Granted, I imagine you're trying to write reviews almost weekly for TT rounds, and the time constraint results in less revision.

Last thing I have for now is the use of the word 'expectant' seemed a little jarring, I thought it could and should have just been 'expected.' Actually, I had never even heard of the word until now, so I dictionaried it to try to figure out what it means and how it's different from 'expected.' From what I gathered, it seems more for the purpose of describing the person or entity doing the expecting, and is thus more synonymous with 'expecting' than 'expected.'

Finally, I disagree and thought the ending was kind of retarded. I thought it went from medieval religious and political conspiracy to...some guy pulling DBZ powers out of his ass. Good voice acting though.

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