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Forums > Submission Feedback > BELISARIOS's Shadow of the Beast review

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Author: sashanan
Posted: June 12, 2009 (12:14 AM)
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Another fiendish version, eh? I remember the Commodore 64 version. My opinion on the Commodore remains that its glory days were when it ported arcade games, not quite perfectly but quite good enough to be played at home without having to insert quarters. When its specs were stretched further and further by insisting on porting over games on ever more powerful consoles, something went dreadfully wrong. Shadow of the Beast is surprisingly playable compared to many of the stinkers that hit it (the less said about Commodore-based Golden Axe and Final Fight, the better), but the difficulty is intact. It was only remotely playable with an invulnerability cheat and even that didn't work against some bosses. Such as the one in the tree that you can only kill if you picked up the right weapon and avoided using it until you meet him, as you need every last shot.


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