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Title: So I just found out about new HG Points system
Posted: May 29, 2007 (02:12 AM)
I'm earning points as we speak...

Awesome, huh?
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Title: God damn you Rock Star
Posted: August 25, 2006 (01:14 AM)
I have work to do for school that is due on Tuesday and I have another book to read but I really don't feel like doing it. Why? Cause a copy of San Andreas is upstairs in my Playstation 2 ready to go for another 3 hour binge of killing hookers and gangbanging. I really didn't care for the game before but until I finish it I'm not gonna do anything but play San Andreas.
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Title: Some kickass rap groups
Posted: May 29, 2006 (10:08 PM)
Jurassic 5
Dilated Peoples
Black Star
Wu-Tang Clan
Little Brother
A Tribe Called Quest
Black Sheep
De La Soul
Jungle Brothers
Eric B & Rakim
Public Enemy
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Title: Wrote my first review in a long while today
Posted: May 24, 2006 (08:21 PM)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2

It's no Shakespeare but its pretty good for me. It took a lot out of me too cause I tried my best to make it not suck. I hope it is generally well recieved, as in "Its not that bad you just got to work on it" instead of "This one barely makes the cut".
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