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Sailing in Uncharted Waters Online Review!
September 07, 2010

Hello again!

This is the first time that i'll be making a review for a game, so comments and other reaction are all welcome. It is all part of my learning process to be a good game reviewer. But please have mercy on me LOL. I think it is much simply to make sections to better understand about the game’s qualities.

Uncharted Waters Online has been a vintage game for a long long time started in Super Nintendo then into a MMO. UWO (For short) is not your actual typical hack and slash MMO but rather a different and unique experience when it comes to gameplay. You set out in a world back in 15th century era where exploration, discoveries, and wealth what motivates the people in those age.


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SNES game turned MMO
August 19, 2010


KOEI (Developer) have based their latest online game on the old SNES genre and have developed it into a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game)... Uncharted Waters Online.

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SUN (Soul of the Ultimate Nation) Newbie Review
August 16, 2010

I started creating every character and ended up with the sorceress. Character creations is limited and they have gender restrictions on character classes (Females = Elementalist and Valkyrie, Male Berserker and Dragon Knight). And In my own theory when starting a game "casters" is the most suitable one due to their massive damage. When dealing this kind of damages you can kill mobs and level much faster. But anyways there are 4 jobs and then splits of by 2 for each classes. You start off in a small peaceful village and talk to one npc with has a quest icon on top oif it. There are two kinds of quest by the way the campaign (In other words story mode) and side quest (Unrelated to the story). Following the campign quest will lead to other places to explore and contiue on with the progression

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Avengers Movie official casts!
August 12, 2010



CTRacer: Whats new in their Update?
August 11, 2010

This game has its shares of ups and downs either with the company side or the players. But even then CTRacer Global (Gamenetworks) is still pushing their ideals to deliver the best gaming experience to their loyal users. I have been monitoring closely to their forums and seeing so much interaction between the players and the GNW staffs (GMs and Admins) regarding their huge update. What is the fuss about? I will tell it in a short while. The old client has some major issues that Effects greatly the integrity of the game itself, with the help of its loyal players. This update has been push through and will be coming this August 17, 2010.

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CTRacer: Arcade Style MMO review
August 10, 2010

Hello There!

The Racing Game Genre haven't been a focused of attention from players around the world. The ever popular mmorpg genre is still and i think forever will be on top of every players list. However racing games offers its own thrill and excitement instead of tanking you are drifting with your own tricked out car. I'm a bit of a old school kind of guy and I miss playing arcade racing games in malls (Have work also), one racing that caught my attention is CTRacer. I haven't gotten deeper around to test the game further but here are some initial feedbacks from me.

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