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enders_shadow16 Welcome to my blog. Here, I might talk about anything that crosses my random mind- politics, games, sports, girls. Just Beware! I'm not the most politically correct person you know.

Title: Superbowl 40 (Forgot the Roman Numerals)
Posted: February 04, 2006 (09:32 PM)
I'm excited about the Superbowl but I'm not sure that it will be such a big thing with non-football fans. The reason? NO star power. Neither the Seahawks nor the Steelers have been in the national spotlight and neihter of them have players that the casual fan will be interested in. I hate the Patriots, but they made people interested in the SuperBowl. People wanted to see if they were for real. People wanted to see Tom Brady. People wanted to root for them or against them. This is one of the SuperBowls that I'll enjoy because I am a football fan, but I won't be pulling for any team, because quite frankly dear, I don't give a damn.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Title: Seahawks, Seahawks, Seahawks!
Posted: February 05, 2006 (01:15 AM)
Seahawks all the way! And no, I don't really follow football. But aren't they from Washington? I'm from Oregon, just one state south, so I have to cheer for the team from the Pacific Northwest, dang it!

asherdeusUser: asherdeus
Posted: February 09, 2006 (01:49 PM)
Forty is XL for future reference.

Welcome to HonestGamers.

espnking2002User: espnking2002
Posted: May 29, 2006 (11:31 PM)
Pats kick ass

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