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draqq_zyxx The meaning of life is to be aware.
The breath of life is to remember.

Title: Stuck
Posted: April 13, 2006 (10:34 AM)
I have an image stuck in my head:

You know Shrek? You know that bird that explodes?

Yeah, now you have it in your head.

janusUser: janus
Posted: April 14, 2006 (08:26 AM)
You know, I never saw Shrek. YOU FAIL!

joseph_valenciaUser: joseph_valencia
Posted: April 14, 2006 (10:05 AM)
And you're better off not seeing it.

draqq_zyxxUser: draqq_zyxx
Posted: April 14, 2006 (11:34 AM)
But you still imagined an exploding bird, nonetheless.

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