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draqq_zyxx The meaning of life is to be aware.
The breath of life is to remember.

Title: My Belief
Posted: February 13, 2006 (12:10 AM)
Four white walls of faith
A black box
Edges of a masterpiece
Double-edged, no less
Shadow rims
Light shells
Protect me from the sun
Glorious faces, I cannot see
My house and lock
A cage
Colorless and sharp

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: February 13, 2006 (07:26 PM)
I've nearly read every poem in this here blog and never said anything.

. . .

So ummm, nice work even if half of them go over my head.

draqq_zyxxUser: draqq_zyxx
Posted: February 13, 2006 (09:23 PM)
Thanks for the compliment, genj. This poem is about how one's belief, while glorious and brilliant, can also be restrictive and give you a reason to be closed and easy to anger.

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: February 13, 2006 (11:29 PM)
Just to let you know I read them, too. I just don't respond because there isn't much to respond to. I'm enjoying them; keep them coming!

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