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Title: 10-Year Old Gamer Shot, Needs Our Help
Posted: February 08, 2008 (07:44 PM)

(Duke Ferris, Full Story on GameRevolution) 

"Chris Rodriguez, or Taj as he is known to his friends, was taking his piano lesson at the Harmony Road Music School. Meanwhile, across the street, some dirtbag was robbing the gas station. He fired off a few rounds, and one bullet went through the school wall and into Taj's spine.

I'm sorry, it simply does not get more messed up than that. Just sitting there taking a piano lesson, when "thud!" - bullet in the spine and almost certainly paralyzed for life."

Continued at GameRevolution's manifesto. There, you will receive instructions on how to help Taj by donating money or just contributing any old games that you might have. He has a PS3 (PS2 games will work as well), a DS, and a PSP. Any aid would be greatly appreciated.


pupUser: pup
Posted: February 08, 2008 (10:04 PM)
Count on one donation.

(Man... this avatar really sucks when there's bad news)

SuskieUser: Suskie
Posted: February 09, 2008 (01:53 AM)
Like your post about Heath Ledger dying.

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