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Title: Non-exclusive Freelance Opportunity @ GameRevolution.com
Posted: January 04, 2008 (01:51 AM)
[honestgamer approved.]

First, I need to say that this opportunity is for everyone - not just those in the Bay Area - and when I mean "everyone", I mean anyone who lives in the United States or not a place that doesn't cost a whole lot to ship to from Berkeley.

I finally convinced Duke Ferris, the head honcho of the site, to let me give some exceptional writers here a chance to freelance on our site: http://www.gamerevolution.com.

The freelance position at Game Revolution is essentially the same as it is on most sites. A review for a free game. If the GR staff believe your work to be solid, then once you have submitted consistent work on our site, the opportunity of a paid position can be requested - likely, a fixed amount for every review. (Note: Duke pays above industry standard.)

To be open-book about the position, the games that this position offers will likely be second-tier titles, at least at the beginning. GR prefers Berkeley locals that can come into our offices personally. However, if you're able to secure your own games, games which we have yet to assign to someone on our staff, then it's more than possible for you to review that game for GR as well. At the time of this writing, the following games are available for review:

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (PS2)
Sonic Rivals 2 (PSP)
Crash of the Titans (Xbox 360)
The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific (Xbox 360, PC)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat (Nintendo DS)

If you are interested in this freelance opportunity, please send me an HG mail with your top three (or fewer) picks from the list above. Also send - and this is important - a link to (at most, two) reviews you think show your writing abilities, and most importantly, fit the style of Game Revolution.

In case you are not familiar with our style, reviews on Game Revolution follow this mantra: “Be funny. Be right.” If GameSpot is CNN and IGN is Fox News, then Game Revolution is like The Daily Show. We don’t expect to be as large a site as GameSpot or IGN, but we tell it like it is with humor. Our reviews also tend to hit between the 800- and 1200-word mark, but as always, we look for quality over quantity. I suggest viewing reviews written by Duke_Ferris, JP_Hurh, Joe_Dodson, Chris_Hudak, or myself (Nick_Tan) for an idea of what we expect. In particular:


I hope to send each game on the list to someone, but space is limited. Further directions will be given to accepted entrants. Knowing where to mail these games is a good thing.

AquasUser: Aquas
Posted: January 04, 2008 (04:17 AM)
Sounds great! There are no doubtedly superb writers on the site, and I think they should take this oppurtunity if they can! Go team! Or something.

darkstarripclawUser: darkstarripclaw
Posted: January 04, 2008 (01:00 PM)
I would sign up, but I have not really done much reviewing yet, as much as I think highly of myself, and my style tends to be informative but dull.

espnking2002User: espnking2002
Posted: January 05, 2008 (02:09 AM)
Gamer Evolution? Sounds awesome.

Wait a minute...

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