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draqq_zyxx The meaning of life is to be aware.
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Title: What's going on?
Posted: April 04, 2007 (10:32 PM)
NO ONE HERE has reviewed The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the Xbox 360.

It must be a conspiracy.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: April 04, 2007 (10:49 PM)
I vaguely remember a Janus review for it. He probably took it down because he is a chickenwuss sometimes.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: April 04, 2007 (10:57 PM)
Yes, I remember he wrote an Oblivion review that really made the game sound great. It's one reason I bought it.

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: April 04, 2007 (11:26 PM)
Aren't there like 10 Oblivion reviews for the PC? Maybe I'll write one for the 360 version. I only put 129 hours into it.

draqq_zyxxUser: draqq_zyxx
Posted: April 05, 2007 (02:40 AM)
Good to hear. Good to hear.

The list at GameRankings will soon be complete. :)

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: April 05, 2007 (07:04 AM)

There was, but he taketh away. Go figure.

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