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draqq_zyxx The meaning of life is to be aware.
The breath of life is to remember.

Title: Hard-Luck Woman
Posted: January 06, 2006 (02:12 PM)
Queen of Hearts and Spades
First and last poker chip
Cigarette smoke and wine
Dripping light and lush
Lips Lips Lips
Spokes on a fine roulette
Stabbing my plastic
Pillows and playing cards
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Title: Link
Posted: December 28, 2005 (08:11 PM)
I, myself, me, a grain of sand, a universe of memories, a lantern of tradition, a song of change, the white birch tree springing to life, a shadow that burns, a life that lies on a bright blue canvas in summer, a hopeless plea of wondrous flight, a sound of reckless water, pouring into my hands like a crackle and dim sunlight, making me sing for you.
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Title: Penis Envy
Posted: December 21, 2005 (11:14 PM)
Fuck a little
Fuck a little
Large enough to live
Love me, Think me
Until I remain lost and silent
And resound myself to poetry
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Title: Fading Requiem
Posted: December 14, 2005 (12:03 AM)
Leaves fall like thin fire
Paper coins and parchment hands
Lodging in the straps of sandles
My scarf flaps beneath my eyes
The wind below my ears
Dead birds nestled
Beneath parked cars
Hurrying feet
Necks crooked in the child
Forgets the footsteps of laughter
Flicker out
Glass jars shatter fireflies
Tumble into the reeds
Smiling down a river trickle
Before the darkness flattens
But you still walk in sandals
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Title: Aggression
Posted: December 08, 2005 (07:57 PM)
I walk with sharp darkness like a knife between my body and soul ready to strike. A hose kept on, the water not knowing where to burst. Eyes turn on me and suddently turn away. A dangerous smirk on my fist, sweat rushing down my arms. My mind is a loose cannon. My presence is a bullet. I am looking for a target and you are in my sight.
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Title: Haven't given feedback for about a month.
Posted: December 07, 2005 (12:05 AM)
The reason is because I now in charge of ReviewSpotting, a feature on GameSpot. I am head officer of The Community Contributions Union and so I am dedicated to giving people full reviews and critiques of their work. I also oversee ReviewSpotting, a weekly magazine that showcases the best user reviews on the site. It's similar to the Review of the Week that honestgamer does so diligently, and I hope to have that same dedication.

I also feel that until the site sees my reviews as high-quality, I feel uncomfortable giving others feedback, especially since there will be personal conflicts for Review of the Week featurettes.
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Title: Battefield Eulogy
Posted: December 05, 2005 (10:59 AM)
We live for the silver platter
the old sun.
In its polished surface
hot, white
wild and free.
The man of valor standing
On the dark blue plain
Colors of evening low.
The grain fields of an empty earth
A sword of ash and fallen memories
Their voices die with their dreams.
Like a piece of sunlight
In the arms of the wind
While we turn away and sing.
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Title: Identity Evolving
Posted: November 27, 2005 (05:18 AM)
Exit the door
Remove the rust
Normally so
Pleasantly ablaze
Within the line
Deeply pressed
On your eyelids
Blurs and burns
The shortest life
Until it opens
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Title: Nothing much.
Posted: November 26, 2005 (12:48 PM)
Fly on my windowsill
You will die in two seconds
If not for World of Warcraft
Like the friends I once knew
On my windowsill
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Title: The Public Journey
Posted: November 11, 2005 (12:06 AM)
MetroCard, my blade of choice. I descend into a dungeon lined with tile. Reminds me why I never go in a public bathroom unless I have to. The smell reeks just below your nose. Taste the grime between your teeth.

I swipe my way through the metal thickets, caring not to disturb the zombies around me. They say that these creatures travel through secret, underground tunnels. But I cannot delay, I cannot delay. I must suffer this road to keep my promise.

Doors flash open, then suddenly close, amidst dark groans in the air. These passengers sense I am close but they only mind themselves. Quiet and angry, they are. A soulless ride for sure. The homeless haunt their lives away. I dare not disturb these restless spirits. I protect myself with a shield of silence.

I manage my way through the labyrinth, dodging glances and putrid pools of sewage. I find my way out of the cave, though the light at the end of the tunnel is night. I arrive just in time for the Chinese banquet. My journey ends in a language I don't even understand and for the rest of the night, they don't know why I am silent. Came all this way only to realize that I am just another zombie wielding a dull sword and an empty promise to attend.
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Title: 3-minute Poem #4
Posted: November 09, 2005 (08:46 AM)
Printer out
Again and again
No more black today
Clicking my life, my life away
I shall not be copied in vain
Another printer port...
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Title: Lady Alcohol
Posted: November 01, 2005 (10:58 PM)
Rain sweeps your tranquil eyes
But you bleed in sunshine
Dripping wine like a scarlet dress
You dance the night away
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Title: "Words Unsung" - Haiku
Posted: October 23, 2005 (03:10 PM)
Best friends for two lines
Laughing down the darkened hall
Carefully unheard
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Title: Staring in the Air
Posted: October 20, 2005 (02:17 PM)
Where is it?
The life I tread.
Flying down the stairs.
Dreaming forward
Traffic lights
Windows melting
Cigarettes and snow.
The sound of others
Still touches me
A silent self and
Where is it?
The life I tread.
I haunt myself
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Title: Quick Poem #4 - "On the Edge of the Sword"
Posted: October 16, 2005 (10:48 PM)
Fire breathes, wind beneath
No sound, no sorrow, no eyes
The blade finds the swollen voice
The sound, the sorrow, the black
The enemy bleeds in soft and white
For you, the hero, the angel
Descending upon his life
To save him, to carry him
Upon your shoulders of grace
Upon your tears of glass
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