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radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: What language did you play The Lost Odyssey in?
Posted: June 02, 2011 (11:57 PM)
So I picked up the Lost Odyssey based on a few words that Suskie said about it here. Unfortunately the English voice acting is pretty bad, so I checked the options to see if there was a Japanese voice option. To my surprise, you can select from not two, but five, different languages. I have since switched to Japanese and it is a bit better, though still not great. Did anyone else try out the other languages?
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radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Deus Ex Invisible War
Posted: April 02, 2011 (04:01 AM)
Just started playing this. It seems...quite shitty, almost like a fan-made sequel. At the very least I'm guessing that not everyone involved in the original was involved in Invisible War.

Title: 2011 in gaming
Posted: January 16, 2011 (05:44 AM)
There's probably already been a topic like this, but what upcoming games will you almost certainly buy when they come out?

Here's my list:

1. Hard Corps Uprising
2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
4. Rage
5. Batman: Arkham City

Title: Make your own Dreamcast Collection!
Posted: January 15, 2011 (05:23 AM)
Because clearly Sega can't be trusted to do it properly.

1. Jet Set Radio
2. Shenmue
3. Sonic Adventure 2
4. Dynamite Cop

Unlockable Extras:
1. Cosmic Smash
2. Shenmue II
3. Rez HD

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: So um, anyone want a free copy of Half-Life 2?
Posted: December 22, 2010 (06:36 PM)
I bought a shit ton (32 to be exact) of games off of Steam because of all the Holiday deals. Spent like $100. I got the Orange Box, but as it turned out, I already had Half-Life 2, so now I have an extra copy that I can give away (if you have Steam).

Anyone want it? First come, first serve.
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radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Holiday gifts
Posted: December 20, 2010 (06:22 PM)
I work in a school, so my last day of work for this month was the 17th. At the end of the day the teacher I work for gave me a gift in a little red bag. I didn't check what it was until after she had left, but it turned out to be a $25 gift certificate to GameStop!

I was pleasantly surprised and I found myself asking "How did she know?!" I don't recall telling her much about my habits since I'm usually not quick to announce them, though at one point I may have said something like "I just bought an Xbox 360." Knowing her, she may have also thought: "He's 23 -- he plays video games." Such heuristics obviously have the potential to be wrong, but not in this case.

I decided I wanted to use this on something actually good. I ended up getting Lost Odyssey, since I have heard so many good things about it from people around here whose opinions I value, and BioShock, since it was only $10 and I had some space left on the card.

Haven't gotten to play either yet and I'm not even sure when I will. When I was younger there were so many games I wanted to play but I didn't have the money to buy them. Now, I don't even have that much money, but it feels like I keep getting more games than I have time to play.

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: My pre-review impressions of Mass Effect.
Posted: December 12, 2010 (07:33 PM)
I would rather be playing The Last Remnant.

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: A post on Gametrailers that made me lol
Posted: December 10, 2010 (10:58 PM)
"The Legend of Zelda should be called The Legend of Link or legend of hyrule or some shit.

Zelda's just some bitch who always gets stolen, that ain't fucking legendary."
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radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Anyone have Steam?
Posted: December 08, 2010 (09:31 PM)
And would like to friend me for the contest objectives?
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Title: splatterhouse
Posted: December 05, 2010 (04:07 AM)
I think there was a thread about this game, but I can't find it now. Is it worth getting? I'm looking for something short and fun to play over the Christmas period between Halo matchmaking.
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radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Agentnahmanjaydenfbi
Posted: December 02, 2010 (04:24 PM)

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Re: Goodbye wisdom teeth
Posted: November 03, 2010 (11:52 PM)
Just be prepared to not be very productive in the week or so after getting your wisdom teeth removed.

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Re: More cosplay
Posted: November 03, 2010 (06:30 PM)
Rofl, the black dude behind Cloud is priceless.

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Goodbye wisdom teeth
Posted: October 29, 2010 (03:36 PM)
Feel like a bit of a gimp now though =/

This is Radical Dreamer, and I wrote that. Glad you found it an interesting read.

Anyway, I did a quick search on HDTV's on Amazon but I was swamped with a million results and wasn't even sure if all of them were HDTV's. Any way I can narrow my research? Affordability is a big priority, and the main thing I'm willing to sacrifice for it is screen size. Any direction would be helpful.

What about framerate? Is that affected at all?

Just got an Xbox 360 and I was wondering. My guess is that it simply looks better, but I'd like an answer from someone who actually knows. Does it affect framerate in any way? Text has also been small enough to be barely legible, but that may just be because of the screen size - would changing the aspect ratio make this any better?

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Starcraft II
Posted: September 26, 2010 (02:44 AM)
I has it.
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radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Tooth related happenings.
Posted: September 09, 2010 (08:10 PM)
At work yesterday, one of the kindergarteners who I take care of bit me. He's usually a really happy kid, right up until he's told no. One of the recess supervisors said that he hit a girl, so I told him that he was in timeout. He immediately threw a tantrum, and as I pulled him away from the playground, he sunk his teeth into the flesh of my stomach. I looked around to see a lot of people staring, and I told the other instructional assistant that he was biting me. If he had pulled away, he probably would have ripped my flesh, so I just waited there, made sure he didn't move, and hoped he would eventually let go. After about fifteen or twenty seconds, he finally did.

I came into work today and he greeted me with a smile and a high five.

After work, I had to go to the oral surgeon for a consultation about getting my wisdom teeth removed. Some of the teeth are rotting, and I found out that I have two partial bone impactions. The total for the procedure came out to about $1841, but fortunately, I think my insurance will cover most of it, so I think it will only end up costing between $370 and $650 for me. I'm usually pretty casual about medical stuff because I like to get problems fixed, but I will need to be under general anesthesia for this procedure, which I have never done before.

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Title: Searching for Epic music
Posted: September 07, 2010 (11:11 PM)
I was searching for epic music on youtube for a smash bros. combo video I plan to make. I found this guy's channel, and his compilations are pretty good:


The following comment by a user made my day:

"Doing laundry has never felt so awesome."

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