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disco1960 Welcome to my whole blogging thing.

Title: Let me get one thing straight.
Posted: December 05, 2007 (05:32 PM)
I just happened to watch Y Tu Mama Tambien the one time.

Also, I occasionally enjoy reading some Star Trek fanfiction.

That's all!

(I didn't go see Brokenback Mountain, because I knew that was going to be sappy.)

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: December 05, 2007 (05:38 PM)

disco1960User: disco1960
Posted: December 05, 2007 (05:46 PM)
Oooh, that's some pretty good stuff.


pupUser: pup
Posted: December 05, 2007 (11:04 PM)
He's even on TV.


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