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disco1960 Welcome to my whole blogging thing.

Title: I've had way too much free time lately.
Posted: December 03, 2007 (03:54 PM)
So I've been writing. It feels like a lot, for me. But I've been strangely inspired by a review for some gay porn game.

That's cool, though. I watch Prison Break, too.

I'm working on a new one now. Not sure when it'll complete. It's for an older game, as I haven't been able to afford any of the new stuff lately.

When it is done, feel free to read it. I hope it will entertain someone.

Also, I recently discovered that Geometry Wars synchs up perfectly to music by The Cure.

Try it and see!

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: December 03, 2007 (05:18 PM)
Clever move, disco, linking to 'gay porn' like that in hopes that the search engines will give your blog exposure and jump you into the top 8 blogs. I'm onto your little game!

disco1960User: disco1960
Posted: December 03, 2007 (05:31 PM)
Aha! It appears to be working already!

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